Why don't people access Wikipedia first (for appropriate questions), BEFORE asking on Yahoo Answers?

Why don't people access Wikipedia first (for appropriate questions), BEFORE asking on Yahoo Answers? Topic: Wikipedia research question
July 20, 2019 / By Princess
Question: I've seen hundred of INFORMATION PLEASE questions that could be looked up on Wikipedia simply to solve them. Why are people not referencing Wikipedia. It's an awesome INFORMATION site. Clement - I don't like to look up answers on Wikipedia FOR people. That is doing work for them, and I am NOT going to do that. The joy of answers is using your own experience, knowledge to help people out, not do their work for them. Even for 10 points. C'mon where's your dignity?
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Maxene Maxene | 2 days ago
well in fact they do not know the answer or have little knowledge of the subject.however yahoo encourages the use of reference material or research to obtain a good and factual response.that is why the source info box is provided.further WIKIPEDIA is far from good creditable info,it is a mishmash of good and bad and mystical info and street legends etc. it may be awesome but don't bank on it contents.
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Laureen Laureen
People are at all different stages of computer knowledge This is a world wide site, and some countries havent had the internet very long, or they havent been able to afford a computer. Some are older people, and just now getting one, because its nearly a necessity. Some people are living alone and just like the contact with other people. Some are just lazy and would rather have you look it up. Many, many questions could be answered by putting the key words into the search box right on Y!A . Example: How do I change my password. You know thats been asked before. Yet it gets asked every 30 min at least.
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Jezebel Jezebel
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Francisca Francisca
Wikipedia is really unreliable. Anybody can go in there and put in anything they like, or change something around to suit them. I wouldn't trust the crap in there as far as I could throw it.
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Darcey Darcey
I have the same doubt..and when they can type in the question here..why cant they do it in Google or wikipedia or howstuffworks.com
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