I Want To Go Out with this girl so bad! Please Help! I will help anyone who answers my question?

I Want To Go Out with this girl so bad! Please Help! I will help anyone who answers my question? Topic: Three reasons why there should be no homework in school
July 16, 2019 / By Qiana
Question: Okay. I'm 13 years old. I live in NYC and I am at the same bus stop with a girl who I have a huge crush on. She is 12, but she is so amazing. On the second day of school, when we were on the bus, I sat with her and we talked and laughed and had a great time. She seemed like she was in love with me. She kept poking me, bumping into me, and she was smiling the whole time. We got each others phone numbers, and we started texting. At first, we had great times together. Over time (It has been about 3 months), we have grown more apart. Now we text a little bit, and talk a little bit, but I get the sense that she is avoiding me. I have asked her three times in the past if she is free, and she has said no, but each time she has given a reason, but it might be fake. I think that might be because she doesn't like me. She has talked with me about other boys who also asked her out which surprised me very much, (but it was a long time ago.) She declined one, and I don't know about the other, but I saw the two of them laughing together once. A few days ago, she was sitting on the bus with one of her friends(a girl), and she said that that boy doesn't respond to her texts, which gives me the impression that she isn't going out with him. But, about 2 weeks ago, with the same friend, she said she liked someone else, but he might already have a girlfriend. I have no idea what to think. In the last two weeks, when she and I are the last on the bus, she goes to the front and talks to the bus driver instead of talking to me. That makes me so sad. I think that I might have fallen too far into the "friend zone", and if I do ask her out, she might think it wierd for an 8th grader to ask out a 7th grader. I have already released slight hints that I like her, but I don't think it is working. I think I should have asked her out a long time ago. If I do ask her out, I need specific words. I am very shy.She hugged me once willingly but it was kind of short. I am extremely shy, and I have no idea what to say to ask her out, or if I'll even do it. We have been friends for 3 months, and in the last week she has seemed to like me more than usual. I like her so much, I can't focus on my life anymore. I always procrastinate with my homework because I'm too busy thinking about her. I don't know what to say, because I might screw something up. The bottom line is, we are friends, I have a crush on her, I am too shy to ask her out, and I don't want our friendship to end, if she doesn't go out with me. PLEASE HELP I WANT TO GO OUT WITH HER SO BAD!!!!! I will answer anyone's question who answers mine!!!!!!!!!!! I want her to still be my friend, if she doesn't go out with me.
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Best Answers: I Want To Go Out with this girl so bad! Please Help! I will help anyone who answers my question?

Mckenzie Mckenzie | 2 days ago
if you like her that much, i say take a leap of faith and ask her out, the worst she can do is say no, i know that will crush you if she says no, but at the same time at least you wont be wondering what if. you will know for sure. if she says yes, take it slow, dont rush into anything and scare her away, if she says no, be very subtle and not demanding, but i would ask her why. ask her if she is not attracted to you, or if she just thinks of you as nothing more than a friend. after all, you have to be friends before you can be anything else. one thing for sure, is you will never know if you dont ask. so say a prayer, and just do it. what do you honestly have to lose? if its meant to be, it will be, if not, then there are plenty of other fish in the sea. you know the old saying, you always want what you cant have. so is it really worth all the aggravation? good luck kiddo, i hope things work out for you.
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Mckenzie Originally Answered: So, there was two people who posted hurtful answers on my question on Yahoo! Answers?
They might have been rude to you because you want to "get back at your mother for arguments you've been having over video games." Two things about that might have prompted their response: 1. "Getting back" implies revenge, and revenge is a petty and often times considered juvenile motive. 2. You're arguing over something that may be important to you, but is generally insignificant in the overall scheme of things. In other words, you are seeking petty revenge over a petty matter. In most cases people (and I'm one of them) will advise you to forget it and move on. The same advice applies to the situation with the two people. You seem to want to extract some sort of petty revenge over what amounts to a petty affront to you. My advice again is forget it and move on.

Laurine Laurine
I think you should let it go. Believe me when I say it will get easier with time. She doesn't seem to be into you, and I doubt you can do anything to change her mind. I know this isn't the reply you want, but give it some thought. Otherwise, just ask her out and see what happens. Just say "I really like you, would you like to be my girlfriend?"
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Joann Joann
Girls tend to like boys who are very attractive. Make yourself look better I guess. Make her want you. Make her jealous, when you get someone eles. um, you can try getting your hair like justin bieber's. Dressing with more swag. Go on this tumblr page I give you, and look at some of the boys and there style, dress more like that. Try to talk to her more. She might feel your avioding her. Try texting her asking like "If I asked you out would you go out with me" and go from there.
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Gabbie Gabbie
just take it slow and start by texting her things like hiiii or heyyy and hug her when her friends are arround embeares her as much as you can by dong stuff like that but the farthest thing you should go to without freaking her out is kissing her on the cheek and after you start doing stuff like that and texting her more often try asking her to hang out again but bring some of your mutual friends with you
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Gabbie Originally Answered: Need help with this girl(as many answers as possiblr plz)?
First of all , try to judge what kinda feelings you have towards this girl . Do u like her , love her or simply infactuated with the girl ? Try to sit , relax and think about her . I know its very difficult to judge your feelings at this point of time . You can;t be sure whether you love her or not at this time . But still you have to do some basic research about your feelings . After you are sure about your feelings , if you like her . Try to talk to her . It maybe through some common friends , maybe at the school or at sum party . Talking through common friends is the easy alternative , but let your friend feel that you have used her . But the best method would be to talk to her straight forward . Try your conversation by saying 'hi' , 'whats up' . Girls usually like straight forward guys . Also you can try to communicate your feelings to her . After having 5-6 encounters like this , you can ask her out and proceed to the next level of understanding . I hope this , would help in solving your problem . Note - Never play with sum1's feelings , it really hurts . And Never hide any thing from sum1 you like or love .

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