What do I do about my dogs tooth infection?

What do I do about my dogs tooth infection? Topic: Act writing advice articles
July 16, 2019 / By Mould
Question: I have a 10 year old cairn terrier that lives with me. I discovered how important it is to clean your dogs teeth and I noticed that she has a lot of plague and tarter on some of her teeth, mostly on the right cainine and maybe even in both of them. I'm afraid she is suffering from tooth ache so I convinced my mom to take her to the vet because she was also acting up by biting her rear and leg stomache area. The vet confirmed she had teeth infection and recommended dental cleaning and gave her some anti biotics for the infection she had in her rear and maybe the gums. I told my mom that she and my other dog should get dental cleanings and she said she would look around for prices since 350 was pricey. I started brushing both of their teeth a couple months ago but it doesn't seem like any progress is being made. The cairns terrier doesn't like it at all, especially when I brush the roots of the cainine. I keep asking my mom when she is going to get the dogs teeth clean but she keeps saying shell look into it. I want to get a job and get income so I can pay for it myself but having trouble. I will try to look again tomorrow but I keep stressing bc I feel responsible for my dogs' well being even though I technically don't own them. But I love them as family. I've read numerous articles about how important dental cleanings but I can't afford it by myself until I can get income. It costs 70 dollars just to check both of them. It's insane. Please any advice would help but I know that the real problem will be solved when they both get dental cleanings. It just kills me that I can't do anything about it right now.
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Lizzy Lizzy | 5 days ago
Brushing helps a lot to prevent future build up but it will not get rid of plaque that is already there. As far as having the cleanings done, you can only do what you can do. You sound like you are intelligent & independent enough to call different vet's offices & get a price for a basic dental cleaning. Write them down & once you have the figures on paper you can ask your mom if she would like you to call & schedule the first dog.
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Lizzy Originally Answered: Serious question about a tooth infection.?
I will tell you a story about a man in Toronto. He was small business owner with no dental insurance. He had an abscess that he left un treated. He was admitted to the hospital and given intravenous antibiotics because he let the infection get too out of control. Unfortunately he ended up losing his vision due to the infection. You can die from a dental infection if the infection reaches your blood stream. You should see a Dr. pronto and get antibiotics – a dentist would be the smarter place because they can take an x-ray and make plans to root-canal the tooth or to extract it. Just be thankful you have any dental coverage. A lot of people out there have no help at all. Some dental offices may offer a payment plan if the treatment is more then you can afford. But what price is your health worth to you and your family. Please take care of your self. It sounds like others depend on you. Dental infections are no joke.

Karolyn Karolyn
It's important that if the vet has recommended a dental because of a tooth infection that it gets done. The toxins from the teeth can affect heart,liver and kidneys. Do you not have a welfare based clinic like we do here in the uk? ( If someone in on welfare they can pay as much as they are able to via a donation )
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Hattie Hattie
Sell something, have a yardsale,have s bakesale. See if friends and family will donate if you babysit or do chores for them. Volunteer at a vets office in exchange for the dentals. Go in and ask to make an appointment to talk to the vet about it. Plead your case if you are willing to work for the care some vet may discount the price or trade for it.
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Dorcia Dorcia
Once plaque builds up, brushing won't do the job - it might help a bit, but what's really needed is a proper dental cleaning and maybe some extractions. I've never bushed my hounds' teeth but they do get annual health/dental checks and treatment if needed.
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Dorcia Originally Answered: What is the sign of a yeast infection in a dogs ear?
Shaking head repeatedly Smelly Odor Scratching excessivly Slimy looking wax or drainage If you go to www.ehow.com and search for yeast infection dogs, they have a great article about a home remedy to help for clearing it up. Not that I wouldn't recommend a vet, don't get me wrong, but still it doesn't hurt to read the article!

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