Funniest yahoo questions with answers:))?

Funniest yahoo questions with answers:))? Topic: Letter to the editor writing assignment
July 17, 2019 / By Lizzy
Question: 1. Backward Thinking "I sold my only car to help pay for gas money, but now gas has come down in price. How do I get my car back?" I tried to contact this guy, but it turns out that he also sold his computer to help pay for his Internet connection. 2. It's Caps Lock--Capisce? "HOW DO I TURN OFF CAPSLOCK? I ACCIDENTALLY TURNED IT ON YESTERDAY AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO TURN IT BACK OFF." Note to self: Register howtoturnoffcapslock.com; make millions. Photo: Courtesy of garethjmsaunders via Flickr.com3. Credit Crunch "I wanted to see if my computer would read my credit card so i put it in the cd rom and it got stuck, how do i get it out?? I tryed toothpics but lost them in the process?? also the drive is making noises" Oh, that's normal. Your system is just waiting for you to pay the required $1 processing fee for scanning the card. Simply fold a greenback into a tiny square and insert it into any USB port. 4. Mousin' Around "My mouse stop working every time i lift it up from the table why is this? this is not just OS .i have linux and vista both same thing so its not drivers" Yeah, no big deal there, either: Insert your credit card into the CD-ROM drive and tell your computer--slowly and distinctly--that you need the Air Mouse 3000 upgrade. You'll be good in no time. 5. Technical Difficulties "I've been asked to write an application in my own handwriting....? is there a computer programme that will do this for me? they also want original ideas. do you know any?" This reminds me of a letter to the editor I once read years ago: "Are there any undiscovered islands left in the world?" The response: "Not that we know of." 6. It's All in the Details "I have an assignment about computer.. What is unimportant details about computer?" Wait a minute--does this assignment also require original ideas? Photo: Courtesy of www.jwcaketops.com7. Unknown Nuptials "Am i married in any state? have i been divorced?" I'll take "questions asked after a night in Vegas" for $500, Alex. 8. A Sticky Subject "Where can i buy a really big jar of peanut butter?" If this is from the same guy who asked the previous question, I'm getting concerned. 9. Fruit Frets "I have ate two whole tangerines in about two hours what will happen to me?" That all depends on whether you swallowed any seeds. If you did, be very careful not to eat any dirt or drink any water for the next two weeks. 10. Fat Chance "How do i become obese fast? I want to look good by the end of the year." You can start by eating two tangerines in two hours. Then run around in circles until you figure out what "obese" means.
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Karolyn Karolyn | 6 days ago
while some woman point out some youngster boys at Chuck E Cheese have been swinging pizzadough in a bad way she had to ***** to the administrative. some guy or woman reported, "you will besides ***** to each supervisor of each and every eating place. workers continuously fool around like that. Gotta circulate to artwork and fling hamburger patties at my coworker's bare in the back of." examining that cracked me up plenty. lol
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Karolyn Originally Answered: Should Yahoo answers disabled the report button for all users so only non Bias Yahoo mods can report the questions and answers?
Y staff do not moderate YA, WE do - we are all Community Moderators and this is the hundredth time explaining this thousands of violations pouring in every day - there are 200 million of us and only a handful of Y employees - just think about that for a minute... and try to figure out how fast Yahoo would have to close down YA due to it being overrun by spam and trolls, not to mention porn and extremely explicit and vulgar sexual content trusted members EARNED that trust and the ability to delete what they report by ACCURATELY reporting thousands of violations with almost none being overturned on appeal those who report poorly quickly lose their status at trusted members why do you think that a Q is immune from being reported once it has a BA? - there is no statute of limitations on violations - ones from eight years ago are reportable and should be reported as no one wants to do a search and find an old post with porn or racism in it! ==================== this is why we need to see the WHOLE post: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:vuuwL80ToL0J:https://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index%3Fqid%3D20140520043732AA6jhry+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca "And also Who do you think the intended audience is? What are three things the writer does to reach that audience? What appears to be the writers purpose? And lastly do you think the writer achieves that purpose? Why? Best answer and ten points to whoever can all answer the questions I stated in this question :-)" this is clearly a solicitation for homework, given the formality of the long list of questions you asked under the main header - your one answer showing in the cache is a violation but that person knows you are soliciting homework then you defiantly posted it again but left out the list of questions, but turned it into a rant violation by lashing out at the douchebag who reported it well, guess what, that douchebag is no douchebag but a seasoned reporter who knew this was a violation and lo and behold, you lost your appeal 145 appeals on 145 violations or 145 appeals on this one? either way, that should tell you you need to figure out what you're doing in this site
Karolyn Originally Answered: Should Yahoo answers disabled the report button for all users so only non Bias Yahoo mods can report the questions and answers?
No, I disagree, there is no way Yahoo could afford to hire sufficient moderators to check the thousands of questions and answers posted daily on this site that is why there is community moderation which includes all of us. Usually it takes is 2 or 3 reports by "trusted" members although sometimes more and in rare occasions only one to report a post and the bots remove it.Possibly I'm misunderstanding but if your question has been reported 145 times and your appeals were all unsuccessful you should take a serious look at the community guidelines.
Karolyn Originally Answered: Should Yahoo answers disabled the report button for all users so only non Bias Yahoo mods can report the questions and answers?
NO! Aside from taking things way too seriously, and the fact that there isn't enough staff to do what you suggest, we all agreed to abide by the rules when we signed up to use this site. It doesn't matter how minor the violations are... if it's a violation, we shouldn't be upset or surprised if it was reported. Your question was definitely a violation so you have no reason to complain. You just have to learn the rules and abide by them. It doesn't matter if you don't agree with any of them. I don't know what you mean by "weed out trusted members". Do you even know what having a high trust rating means? It means that user ALWAYS reports accurately. That's the ONLY way they become that trusted member. That said, there's nothing to weed out! Most reports are not false. And when someone does report something that turns out not to be a violation, it's usually because they thought something was a violation... not because they just felt like reporting someone. When a question or answer is reported and deleted, it's usually because it was reported by 2 or more people. There's no way of knowing if it was one report by someone with a high trust rating. But if it was, again... that person reports accurately.
Karolyn Originally Answered: Should Yahoo answers disabled the report button for all users so only non Bias Yahoo mods can report the questions and answers?
Yahoo! doesn't have the money to employ moderators to oversee all questions. That's why they shifted to an automated community moderation system. Can you image the drama/retribution if people knew who had reported them? The drama's bad enough without knowing. Community moderation actually works pretty well. It's just that many users don't understand or won't accept the rules, and come here to moan about perfectly valid reports. Probably the question you quote was reported as a solicitation violation, as it's clearly a "do my homework for me" question; you can ask for help, but not ask people to do the whole thing. If it's homework, it's your job to pick a piece of writing you admire. Asking for help with the analysis - "What should I look for in analyzing why I admire a piece of writing?" - would be a valid question. Here's the guideline: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN4204.html?impressions=true

Karolyn Originally Answered: Does yahoo answers sometimes take your questions down?
Yes, they do. Check you email inbox for emails with the either a "Your questions was reported by..." or "Violation notice!..." headers. Check the mail spam folder as well. "... Why was my question answer or comment deleted? ID: SLN4217 Refers to: Answers Resolution Content on Yahoo! Answers may be deleted for several reasons: •Yahoo! determines that your content is in violation of the Yahoo! Answers Community Guidelines or Terms of Service •The community determines that your content is in violation of the Yahoo! Answers Community Guidelines or Terms of Service •Your question expired with no answers •Your question went to voting and the community decided there were no best answers •You deleted the question or answer yourself •The best answer to your question was removed by Yahoo! or the community (when a best answer is removed, the associated question is automatically removed) •When a question is deleted, all associated answers, including the best answer, are deleted as well. Yahoo! reserves the right to remove content that we determine to be inappropriate and/or in violation of the Yahoo! Answers Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. Last updated: July 16, 2012..." http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=content&id=SLN4217&actp=search&viewlocale=en_US&searchid=1348446180554&locale=en_US&y=PROD_ANSW Yahoo "owns" our questions and answers as soon as they successfully post. You retain the copyright on what you wrote. but Yahoo can do anything it wants with our questions and answers, Yahoo does NOT own our question and answers when the question is resolved. Yahoo owns something as soon as it successfully posts or even before it successfully posts. We all agreed to this two times when we click the "I agree" button and digitally signed the Terms of Service contract with Yahoo Inc. There are hyperlinks to all the legal stuff at the bottom of the web=page.
Karolyn Originally Answered: Does yahoo answers sometimes take your questions down?
There are several reasons Qs are removed. 1. It is a violation of the rules - you will get an e-mail when that happens. If you want to know the reason for the violation, post "Why was this question (answer) a violation?" and add the original e-mail you got so the users can see the exact context. The experienced users here will explain it to you. There is no statute of limitations on breaking the YA rules. 2. There were zero answers when the time expired - no e-mail sent. 3. The BA was reported as a violation - no e-mail sent. 4. During voting, "No Best Answer" was chosen as the best answer - no e-mail sent. Look in your e-mail, including the spam folder, for a violation e-mail. If not there, check your activity tab in your profile. If nothing about a violation there, then the Q was removed for one of the other reasons. There is also a prefilter the question has to pass. If you have links or references to certain websites or certain keywords, the questions will be held for staff review, usually 30 minutes to a couple of days. If there is a problem, you may get a violation or they may just not post the question. If the question is showing in your profile, this would be the reason. If not in your profile, they could have been quickly deleted. Try this. Edit the question and add just a couple of periods in the added details and resubmit. This sometimes clears the question. Or post with no links and add them in the added details.
Karolyn Originally Answered: Does yahoo answers sometimes take your questions down?
Normally it would be for the reason that *Sombra* posted about, if users found it in violation of the Yahoo Answers rules board, which reported by users, even through they don't tell you who through. And also it is not like Yahoo Answers will not notfiy you if that happens, they do which they will let you know by e-mail, and also when you check in Yahoo Answers you will see that mention there as well, and if I think they also do take away 12 points if I recall. There are also times when you put a question to vote and people vote no best answer, they again will delete the question, through you will still see the question, but no longer clickable for you to check it out and look at answers, but they will return the 5 points that you used to ask the question. But this doesn't sound like this is what happened.

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