What do you need to write a book?

What do you need to write a book? Topic: How to write a test plan outline
June 26, 2019 / By Eliasaph
Question: I`m going to write one soon, so I need to know what I need. And how do I make a cover, hard cover or easy cover
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Chance Chance | 6 days ago
- A basic idea and conflict - Commitment - Patience Writing a book is not as easy as it may sound. Some days you will really have to test your patience and your commitment; there will be moments when you want to burn all of your work, and/or you'll begin procrastinating for days (and eventually weeks) at a time. On these days, it's helpful to have a goal to work towards; something to keep you committed. It's pretty damn difficult to write when you have nothing to write about. You'll first need a simple plot and conflict, and will then have to build on to it; including developing your characters, subplots, events, scenes, and so on. You mustn't forget to research and do a bit of planning, as well. Some writers find creating complete outlines of their entire novel helps them tremendously; others find it a waste of time. Personally, I say you should at least know the major events that carry the story. As long as you know where the story is headed, you should be safe.
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Chance Originally Answered: How do I write a book at age 14? I want to write a book on my life lesson must read?
I'm glad you learned a valuable lesson. People will never be pleased and if you have to go out of your way to be someone you are not, it's not worth it. It's great that you want to write a book about it, especially if it's from experience because it comes from the heart. I recommend you pick a point in your life and start writing chapter by chapter. Don't rush yourself, but if you want to, you can set deadlines to finish a chapter. It could be like 2 weeks to finish chapter one and them move on to chapter two. Once you've written it, you can have your friends and family, people you trust, read the chapters and edit them. After that you can try to get it published if you want to go that far.

Alpin Alpin
I pass judgement on a well guide, similar to I might pass judgement on a well film. My quantity one rule is, if it makes me cry, it is handed my scan. I like books that make me believe as even though the characters and their occasions are truly. I desire to fail to remember that I'm even studying. A well guide is one who continues you up into the early hours of the morning. You uncover your self crying, shaking in worry or pleasure. Those are the books which can be "dermis breaking" individually. So a few men and women might love Twilight, different's hate it. As lengthy because it made anybody, someplace get the ones chills and goosebumps, it is viewed a well guide in my head. Well-written does not neccessarily imply it has to have gigantic vocab and such a lot of main points you do not even recognize what is taking place, to me it simply signifies that the creator is aware of what she or he is doing with their tale. Oh good, I'm rambling, so I'll quit. But almost, a well guide has to seize you through the hair and throw you into a global you certainly not knew existed and depart you awe-struck and puzzled whilst it is over.
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Tessie Tessie
A publisher that's interested. Perseverance because getting a book published takes a lot of work, and most of all? Creativity.
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Rosalyn Rosalyn
a story usually helps You and your publisher will take care of all the cosmetics when you get the manuscript printed
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Maybe you should target the things you are bad at and lack at. I know I'm not helping but maybe you should try to concentrate and focus and think "I have to this! Concentrate!" That's what I do when I lack focus. Like write now I'm supposed to write a persusuaive essay but instead write answers! =D LOL (I have to focus on that righ now.....)

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