I need a name for a character in a story I'm writing?

I need a name for a character in a story I'm writing? Topic: Free story writing apps for iphone
July 15, 2019 / By Laurie
Question: I want it to not be one of those soap-opera stupid names that no one would actually name their kid, but I want it to be kind of unusual. Last names, too, if you could! I need one for a girl, one for a boy, and one for the girl's three friends: two girls and a boy.
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Joan Joan | 1 day ago
Girl- Thalassa Abercrombie Boy- Damian Vanderbilt Female Friend- Belle Gramaye Female Friend- Lily Cavendish Male Friend- Collin Appleseed I hope this helped. Do you have an Iphone or Itouch? There is a free app called a.k.a. that is a name generator. I used that app for these names.
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Joan Originally Answered: I need character Names for a story I am writing?
Name: Taylor Weaver Age:16 Grade:11 Hometown: Midland Texas Gender: Male Height: 6'1 Eye: Green< Hair: Blonde Dorm: Royal Prince Hall size:Single Money: some Taylor lives with his Father and Stepmother who he hates for no good reason, his stepmother just had a baby and he often finds himself wishing that His Stepmother (Julie) and Baby sister (Morgan) would leave so he could have his father to himself.......His Mother is still involved but spends as little time with him as possible, because he treated her horribly and physically abused his Younger Sister Anna, and older sister Haylee who is smaller then he is.....he treats women disrespectfully, he is very selfish and refuses to work to help pay for all the things he wants like dirt bikes, horses, and skidoo`s........he spends all his free time trying to break his father and stepmother up. He uses what friends he has for things he does`nt have like a pool, or a four wheeler, and then drops them when a better offer comes along. If someone asks him a favor he expects money in order to help them out, he`s not all that smart, he`s a Bully and just generally a not nice selfish person............

Frederica Frederica
Girls: Leanne Schuman Faye Porter Audrey Casey Amelie Bright Briony Darke Eimear Keelin Nuala (noo-la) Imre Nicola Sparks] Aoife (ee-fuh) Murphy Aisling (ash-leen) Conway Aideen Harvey Boys: Logan Jeffrey Kenneth Hale Jordan McGinly Caleb Hawk Eamon (ay-mon) Healy Niall Lawson Aidan Clarke Eoin (Owen) Lark Hope some of these help. A couple are Irish, so hopefully they might not be as well-known where you are as they are here - I put in how they sound just in case you wouldn't be familiar with them :)
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Darlene Darlene
Girl1: Cassy or Casandra Boy1: Danny ( short for Daniele) Girl2: Samantha Girl3: Cloe, Rite, Amber, Pearl. Boy2: Jason, jack, andrew, matt or mathew. Last names: Twist, Stewart, Ross, Lake, Front, Filed, Bower, Jay, Ban, Kingston, Ron, Trescott, Cotten, Bradly, brandon... Those are almost all that i could think of. :) Good luck with your story ( you can also use some of the last names are middle names or first names.
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Breanne Breanne
3 girls 2 boys got it!!!!! main: 1. Katherine Hamilton (nick name: kat for the girl) 2. Duncan Smith (the boy) friends: 1. (girl) Hannah Shawl 2. (girl) Natalie Rose 3. (boy) Bryce Green hope this helps!!!!
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Alethea Alethea
for the girl...Noely? (i know a girl named that =] its pronounced no-el-ee lol. ) boy.....Jace? the two friends that are girls....lindsey and leana? the friend thats a boy....aaron? just suggestions =)
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Alethea Originally Answered: How do I portray this character in a story i'm writing?
Great ideas! Character is developed by placing him in situations and seeing what he 'decides'. The decisions we make define our character. Stories are about learning life lessons. If he is good (demonstrate this by small segments from his past where he masterfully executes a great hit, and resolves all the problems that get in the way), then why would he get caught? In order to learn something about life, solve a puzzle from his past, or have a situation where he improves his skills. Find a way for him to masterfully escape, or turn the situation around into his favor and you will have a great story. Good luck!

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