Could I be accepted to Vanderbilt University or Rice University?

Could I be accepted to Vanderbilt University or Rice University? Topic: Vanderbilt university admissions essay
June 24, 2019 / By Mattithiah
Question: I know that there is no real way of knowing whether or not I will be accepted, but do I at least have a chance? 4.2059 GPA(weighted) Class rank- 12th out of 92 SAT Writing- 640 SAT Math-630 SAT Critical Reading- 670 Member of Spanish Club, Science Club, NHS, and Varsity Tennis team. I tutor junior high kids for free after school. Decent recommendations.
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Job Job | 10 days ago
You have a shot. Your GPA is where it should be. About 75% of those who are admitted have higher SAT scores -- but not that much higher. You should apply -- but should also apply to a few schools ranked just below them. Your admissions essay may be the determining factor. Make sure it is good.
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Job Originally Answered: Would i have any chance getting accepted in Rice university?
Rice - sorry but not a chance. U of H - it is going to be tough. The SAT score is is just too low. Your academic GPA looks good and demonstrates your perseverance. Don't give up. Here is the College Board summary of U of H admissions. Read all the tabs so you know what they are looking for. https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/colle... U of H Downtown is a definite possibility and if you do well there you could apply to transfer to the main campus after you earn 30 hours or so. Here is the UHD report. https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/colle... Another route is Community College until you earn 30-45 hours with good grades, then apply to transfer over to UH Main. That will also save you a bunch of money and you can get the general educational requirements completed. That would include required courses in Speech, history, Texas government, English, Intro to Psych, Intro to Sociology and/or Philosophy, usually a math course, and a lab science. You didn't write anything about a proposed major or career goal. Think about this a lot and be sensible.
Job Originally Answered: Would i have any chance getting accepted in Rice university?
I would recommend getting at least a 3.5+ GPA because Rice university is a highly competitive university. Also try getting at least 1800 on your SAT for sure intrance because remember Rice university is one the top 20 best school. But you have a huge chance getting in Good luck.

Greer Greer
i think of your probability is fairly solid, notably in case you be conscious by way of early determination. yet considering the fact that your backup colleges are as annoying or greater durable to get into than Rice, i'd recommend which you upload a pair of much less confusing colleges on your record. Wash U. in St. Louis may well be a solid selection (yet another solid college for pre-med), however this is probable on the comparable point as Rice.
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Duke Duke
With a GPA like that, your SATs should be higher! I'm afraid it looks as though your school practices outrageous grade inflation.
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Duke Originally Answered: Rice University?
It sounds like you are on a great trajectory for getting into Rice (or any other college, for that matter). However, a lot can happen in 3 years, and getting into Rice these days is so competitive that no one can take it for granted. Make sure you develop relationships with a couple teachers so that they will take the time to write you really powerful recommendation letters. Make sure you keep up the challenging course load and get consistently great grades. Study for the SAT, whether it's on your own with a book/CD or through a course if you can afford it. Start thinking early about what you will say in your personal statement/application essay, and in "the box" (Rice's application has a unique "write or draw whatever you want" section). You might want to think particularly about how your ethnic background and/or volunteer work have shaped your identity and would make you a unique contributor to the campus culture at Rice.

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