What do Detroit, Cleveland, New Orleans, and Newark have in common?

What do Detroit, Cleveland, New Orleans, and Newark have in common? Topic: E thesis meaning of
May 23, 2019 / By Ashley
Question: I mean aside from consistently topping the lists of poorest and most dangerous cities in The USA? They have all been run by Democrats for decades upon decades! That's what! Hmmm, now do you see why they are at the top of those lists year after year after year? Good luck to the rest of the country and have fun! They'll get you there soon enough! Volleyballchick: Maybe if you get a real social studies teacher next year when you get to 8th grade, you'll learn that New Orleans was in shambles long before hurricane Katrina. Get educated before you start with the name calling.
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Zerah Zerah | 2 days ago
Yeah, on a larger scale, take a look at California. That Dem state has been on the brink of bankruptcy for decades. It has never been anything other than a laboratory for lousy Dem economic and social policies. A truly great example of what not to do. Finally, I'd have to say that ol'e Scrappy down there doesn't look as if he's ever so much as seen the Deep South, much less lived there. Note that VBchick didn't bother to really answer you, but only asserted a Masters Degree. In what, I can only imagine. "Education" probably. I think that she may have been trying to make some point about the Dems not being the ones who messed up the cleanup after Katrina, but man, she sure didn't make it very well if that was her intent. If that's the best she can do with the language, her master's thesis is probably an absolute scream of a read.
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Zerah Originally Answered: What three wishes would you choose for detroit that would lead to more people living and working in Detroit?
First wish on my list would be to bring back enough employment opportunities to bring the city back financially and, bring more people/small businesses into the city. My second wish would be to completely rid the city of its current city council staff and, have Detroit go about a different approach of how city council people are elected. (the city should be broke down into districts where each city council person lives in each district so each area of the city has fair representation). Third, enforce strict zoning laws in the city so it will be easier to manage as well, as create a more pedestrian/bicyclist friendly parts of the city outside of the downtown district so tourism can extend beyond the downtown district as well as create an infrastructure that suites the convenience of residents as, well as encourage more and efficient public transportation such as trains. I would also like to see another bus/Amtrack station that Detroit used to have back in the early 80's.

Skyler Skyler
I lived in Cleveland for most of my life. Scary place. The mayors were horrible (my husband worked for the city) So much corruption and favoritism. Sent my kids through the schools for the early part of their lives (must say, in the neighborhood we lived in, the school was great) We moved a few years ago, due to our neighborhood declining. Best thing we ever did! The democrats destroy these large cities with their cronyism, favors and corruption.
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Ormond Ormond
There is plenty of Fraud and other crimes to go around in both Political Parties . # Former Illinois Republican Governor Is Found Guilty of Fraud : NPR A jury convicts former Gov. George Ryan of steering millions of dollars in state leases and contracts to political insiders, lying to federal agents and tax fraud. ... www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?... - 57k # Republican List Republican racist pedophile and United States Senator Strom Thurmond had sex ... Republican activist Mark A. Grethen convicted on six counts of sex crimes ... www.jonesreport.com/articles/101006_re... - Cached To be fair Louisiana has A Republican Governor I believe . And Governors have the Most power over the entire state.
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Leighton Leighton
In these 4 cities, Blacks are the majority of the population, and sadly these cities are heavily crime ridden this especially true of New Orleans, and the most notorious of them all.........Detroit.
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Jadyn Jadyn
California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Oregon, Washington State and New York State were thriving before the GOP/Bush administration economy. And, they have the largest economies in the country. California alone has the 8th largest economy in the world and we're very liberal here. Funny how you forget that fact. The entire national economy is in the toilet because of the GOP. That's why we the people voted them out of office. Did you forget that fact too?
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Jadyn Originally Answered: Which city is safer? Queens or Newark?
Can't really comment on the safety question since I don't go to Newark. But I've never had any trouble in Queens. As for access to Manhattan, in most of Queens all you have to do is hop on a $2 subway train and you'll be in Manhattan in 25 minutes or less. Tough to beat that. EDIT: Fall Beauty--not sure where you've been in Queens that took you 60 minutes to get to Manhattan? I'm not being sarcastic, but that would surprise me. Even from Jamaica you can get to Manhattan in about 25 minutes. In many parts of Queens--take Jackson Heights or Long Island City, for example--you can be in Manhattan in 10 minutes or less. I frequently take the E-train from Forest Hills, which is towards the outer edge of Queens, and that gets me to Manhattan in about 20 minutes. Maybe if you're talking about Ozone Park or something? Even then, 60 minutes to get to Manhattan is hard to believe. Can you provide some personal experience to back that claim? EDIT-2: Fall Beauty--thanks for the update. The 7-train is slow, no doubt. I hate taking it. I have no experience coming from Far Rockaway. But I doubt that the poster would be staying at Flushing/Main St. or Far Rockaway. Still, I stand by my original statement that, for most of Queens, you can be in Manhattan in 25 minutes or less. If you're anywhere near the E-line (and a lot of Queens is) you'll have no trouble. But I welcome your input, and I do not mean to argue with you. Just trying to figure out the best answer.

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