Which school should i go to. Rowan University, Montclair State University,University of Rhode island?

Which school should i go to. Rowan University, Montclair State University,University of Rhode island? Topic: Case school of engineering
July 20, 2019 / By Annona
Question: Geographic location is not a problem but i want the university that is best in the things mentioned below and affordable. i m looking for the best college experience, which means parties and better social life but also i want a better education. which one has the best of both education and social life. with the grades i have i can only get in these schools but really i just want to spend one year in one of them and really go to Rutgers university. my goal is to do biomedical engineering at Rutgers but which one of these schools should i go to first before transferring to Rutgers and would be better for me to go to. also my grades are average and my sat scores are average scores of people going to these schools
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Yehowah Yehowah | 8 days ago
If your grades and SAT scores are "average," you're not going to make it in Biomedical Engineering. You might try for Engineering Technology, in which case you should be looking at DeVry U (for Biomedical Engineering Technology) or Farleigh Dickinson U New Jersey Institute of Technology New England Institute of Technology
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Shelton Shelton
Are you in-state NJ? And are finances a concern? If so, then know that it's probably cheaper for you to go to MSU or Rowan instead of U Rhode Island. Does MSU offer an engineering major? I don't see that they do. So you'd pretty much be losing time there - you'd be getting behind in your engineering courses. IMO, despite the fact that I really like MSU, it is not a fit for you. Rowan U is actually a well respected engineering school. They don't offer biomedical, though; but you could major in the part of biomedical that interests you the most - either electrical or mechanical - and minor in biology, and do an internship in biomedical engineering, and then do quite all right when you graduated. Most people who want biomedical and can't get it major in electrical/computer engineering, so keep that in mind. I like Rowan for you not due to social life and etc - I have no idea about that. But I like it because it's a good engineering school, and thus if you couldn't transfer, or liked the place and chose not to, you'd be able to stay and major in engineering, and graduate from a good engineering school. IMO, they are worth a very serious look. They outrank URI in engineering. URI has an engineering school, and they offer biomedical as part of their electrical/computer/biomedical engineering major. They have a good social life (I simply don't know if Rowan does or does not - you'll have to continue to check). They are *right* on the beach. They aren't as well ranked in engineering as Rowan, and if you're out of state, they may be your most expensive option. From your schools, I'd have you apply to URI and Rowan.
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Norm Norm
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