Do kids rely to much on Yahoo Answers?

Do kids rely to much on Yahoo Answers? Topic: Do my homework for me yahoo
July 17, 2019 / By Medad
Question: It seems like they're all trying to get someone to do their homework for them. Back in my day, you actually had to do a thing where you looked the answer up in a textbook. And I'm only 18! That's what's wrong with kids, even when I went to school, kids did not really understand the material. They were focused on getting A's at all costs, whether it come from cheating or not. And the sad thing is you can get all the way through high school by doing this and not know a lick about anything when you're done.
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Johnie Johnie | 2 days ago
Back in your day? You are still in your day. LoL Sorry, I just don't want to feel old at 25. Anyway, I think that if they ask a question are two, there is no harm. If they are continuiously asking questions, that may be annoying. I remember some homework hotline when I was in school. Perhaps a reply to them about finding a homework hotline within their school may help them more than answer their question so that they can learn how to do the problem rather than have some yahoo person answer it for them without explanation.
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Gyles Gyles
Yeah I understand what you mean. But I don't think asking questions here is that big of a deal because they get to use calculators to do their math in 2nd grade now. I think the problem is kids are not taught how to study to begin with. They have no organizational study skills. When I was a kid, you came home, had a snack and then sat down to do your homework. No TV on, no radio, no PSP'S, or video games, no phone calls, not going out to play if a friend came over, etc.......... So I think that's the main problem. They know they can get the easy answers so they go for it and teachers don't seem to really care anymore so I don't really blame them. The easy way out is what they see and are taught. They are just doing what they know. lb
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Dylan Dylan
You can get through schooling including high school and college and not know anything. I used to sell my homework and reports in college for extra cash to kids that only showed up to write the tests, still graduated the same year I did and know nothing about what we all studied. Some people work hard to get through college, and some people coast their way through, same with the workplace and life in general.
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Buster Buster
I have helped several kids with homework. We came from a home where kids were to be seen and not heard. If no one at home has time to help them then I feel good about giving a few hints on what topics they could research or write about. Yes it is not like the old days but some of the time kids need someone just to act like they care. And that would be me... Have a great day.
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Aldous Aldous
I never use answers for homework, i have my friends explain it to me, much more helpful =) that's not saying that I do'nt like Y! answers tho.
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Aldous Originally Answered: Is Yahoo! Answers just a community of kids?
Mostly probably kids at school who are supposed to be doing something else, but are just asking for homework answers.

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