Native english speaker, please help me?

Native english speaker, please help me? Topic: Article writing topics in english
July 15, 2019 / By Brittania
Question: How would you rewrite this in a formal way: 1) He will prepare in advance by reading the most important articles related to the area 2) He is going prepare in advance reading the most important articles on the area Please instead of just picking one, write the most correct way. You can change everything if necessary. Thank you very much
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Alise Alise | 5 days ago
He will prepare himself by reading the most important articles about this topic / region. (It is redundant to say both 'prepare' and 'in advance'. It is ambiguous to use the word 'area', which could refer to either the topic or the geographic area.) If the subject is generic (gender unknown), change it to plural. They [the candidates?] will prepare themselves by ... etc.
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The security of a community and its inhabitants has always been a worrying subject since the first civilisations. The police forces have been established to guarantee a peaceful climate between the citizens, to protect the weaker against the stronger by the justice, and to prevent violence and delinquency. Over the last few years, polls have shown an increase of the violence in the world, in the industrialized countries as well as low-income countries. Today the security becomes a tool of demagogy used by some politicians to help them be elected by the people. They argue “national security” to scare the people. I believe that this method triggers mistrust between inhabitants, [which is sometimes completely delirious]. For example, terrorism is a form a violence which has been increasing since the end of the twentieth century. In France, the country where I live (Or “a country where I once lived” for the past tense) ,the media had talked about this subject for many years. They were exaggerating a little incident which occurred [at the end of the earth ] and were extrapolating information in order to interest the audience. I was surprised by that and their behaviour remind me my histoy courses and the fear created among the population by Hitler and against the communists. The war occuring today which is called a ‘preventive war’ is also built on the spreading of fear in the population. Another war is occuring today, but very few people are aware of it. It’s the cultural and economical war of the twenty first century. Every nation want to impose its culture on others. It’s in my view, a different way to conquer territories using culture and [libre-exchange ???] .It’s in the view of the ancient french president Miterrand “a war, without victims, but a real war to death”. If I may say so, the violence is not only physical, it could psychological. In developed countries a lot of people are suffering, working very hard and can’t pay the bills. This triggers deliquency among the teenagers, because they haven’t got a job, waste their time in the street and use the precious time of the youth in consuming drugs, alcohol and committing vandalism. To summarize, the main reasons for these problems are the fearing climate instigated by our leaders. It is the trigger for useless war, killing millions of innocent people, economic crisis causing under-privileged people to become more impoverished while the wealthy increase their riches[- and deliquency.] *** Square brackets means it needs to be worked on but I cannot see a simple solution. I have no idea what you mean by libre exchange. I hope my corrections help.

Ultan Ultan
To keep the sentence simple and formal and to the point, I would say: He will prepare in advance by reading the most important articles related to the area. Saying "he is going to prepare..." is less formal than just saying "will prepare" And saying "related to the area" is more formal only because it is more descriptive than "on the area" And you could say "reading the articles related to the area that are most important," but that is less formal and more wordy than what you already have So over all your sentences are great. But if you decide to go with 2, make sure you put a comma between "in advance, reading the most..." or else the sentence is incorrect. I'm not sure if this is for a school assignment or for a work related assignment. But if the sentence is intended to give instructions, it should be: He or she will need to prepare in advanced by reading the most important articles related to the area. ^not sure if that was necessary, but it's always better to be safe than sorry
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Ripley Ripley
If it is male, stick with He. If it can be male or female, you'll want to change it to either 'they' or to 'he or she'. "He prepared by reading the most important articles on the subject." <==you won't need to say in advance b/c that's implied when you use the word prepared. Is "area" a place (location), or a subject? I can't tell because of the context. If it's a place, then it would be "He prepared by reading the most important articles about the area."
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Methusael Methusael
It is required that Mr. Bickford prepare in advance by reading the most important articles which are related to this area of expertise.
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MOJI-E (文字絵), or “word painting,” is a form of calligraphy art; writing that is used to construct imagery. Calligraphy is a different technique from pictorial art. Traditional East Asian calligraphy uses the “Four Treasures of the Study” (文房四宝): ink brush, ink, paper, and inkstone. One of the most unique differences from other visual art styles, is that calligraphy does not overlay brush strokes. Movements are deliberate and at the end of the stroke, the brush is raised with fervor. This type of decisive mark making is defined as “Art of Moment,” and favors the process rather than the result. My Moji-e works use the technique of uniting traditional calligraphy with an image. While enjoying (viewing) MOJI-E, I hope you contemplate the 3000-year history of Japanese writing culture that the ancients established over time.. The picture is a moji-e painting of Tenjin, a Heian statesman and scholar, who is partly (the cap and right sleeve) made up of characters reading ten and jin. The man’s hat is the character for “heaven” (ten 天), and his robe that for “deity” (shin or jin 神).

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