Why do people shut down Islam so fast?

Why do people shut down Islam so fast? Topic: Media research techniques
June 17, 2019 / By Shantel
Question: I'm 13 and I would like to know why people hate Islam so much?! There are people who call themselves muslims, and then they go ahead and kill people. But thats not what Islam is about!! They think that other beleifs are invalid. The real muslims do not!! WHy would we beleive in war if when we greet people we say "Peace be apon you."? If I said that I do not like christians because a group of Christains did some bad horrible thing, would it be valid if I said ALL Christains were bad people? NO! Same concept applies. Please, just openminded and kind, thank you. Jill: K.M.A.A. - That is all I ask. Just understand our beleifs before you do that. I am not asking you to convert, I just want you to not hate it. Thank you, Jill: K.M.A.A. for your comment. =D there are bad muslims, I just don't consider them as Muslims.
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Orianne Orianne | 10 days ago
The technique of propaganda and repeating depicting Muslims as "EVIL " on all forms of media is a brain washing technique that creates a conceptual negative image. This strategy is used to divulge, change, manipulate, exploit, and contaminate human thought process in favor of the thought, ideology, perception, imagery and so forth thus promoted. It is a statistically proven fact that American media has been giving this imagery of Muslims to Americans on every medium of communication over and over in a saga of messages on a daily base without fail.. This is the same technique used in advertising in a limited manner while promoting products; we sometime observe that mediocre products are sold using this strategic time limited technique compared to good products not advertised and introduced properly. Hitler had used this technique against Jews that resulted in Holocaust. Biased narrowly focused interest groups have used this technique to achieve their objectives not for a limited time, but on an ongoing base against Muslims, again emphasizing, so the minds of most Americans are contaminated and made unresponsive to reason and research when it comes to the subject thus propagated. People do not even think, this civilization of ours was impossible, had the Muslims not contributed the knowledge of Algebra, chemistry, mathematics and other Sciences in their golden era. Additionally, if the Muslims hated all non Muslims and were ordered to kill non-Muslims as a religious obligation: (I) they would not have rather worked in their Universities with non Muslims from all over the world in their golden era, (II) but would have killed all or most non Muslims since those days were the "dark Ages" of the now civilized world and Muslims were the only power with the weapons of mass destruction of that time having the power and knowledge to eliminate masses without resistance. So the normally logical person, an every day good guy, would in all likelihood normally consider all these factors; especially Americans, who are critical thinkers with one of the highest literacy rate in the world. However, the propaganda techniques used consistently in a Gestapo fashion seem to be working, as desired, blinding good people. These facts being true, American mind still is a thinking mind, a lot of Americans, not all, tend to research and find out facts independently Once they start studying and research, surprisingly even in the midst of worst propaganda, Islam is the fastest growing religion converting the highest number of people from other faiths. This is not to say that repeated brainwashing, constantly ongoing propaganda, on the other hand, simultaneously and rapidly is not cultivating HATE in more and more innocent minds AGAINST MUSLIMS. The misfortune is more severe because most of the media outlets and Pundits in their so called news programs on Islam even only present one side of the opinion and do not even have a Muslim, most of the time, to respond the propaganda, or choose a pseudo Muslim to respond, sometimes, in a manner to add their organized campaign against Muslims and Islam. In summation, this is why people with limited exposure, busy life style to meet ends needs, Joe the Plumber and his good crew, do not have enough time to critically analyze all facts and news and therefore shut down on Islam so fast.
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Makenzie Makenzie
Hi. I'm not a hater just wanna give my humble opinion. Perhaps Islam really growing faster than any other religion in the world, but growing faster will not make any religion "true". It can be your true religion, but it may never be for someone else. Number is not an issue, even the world left 1% non Islam, these 1% of people may have their own belief which they believe is true. And don't forget there are still a lot of free-thinker around the world. Religion itself should not question the trueness of other religion because I strongly believe that most of the known religion in the world will only lead people to the right path and to perform good deed :)
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Kiersten Kiersten
The human mind is simple and tries to catagorize things into good and bad. Since apparently, all the radical terrorist Muslims get all the attention, then when people see that they think all Muslims must be bad. Since when people here about Christians they think of missionaries and charity and all that, they think of them positively, because like the KKK doesn't get as much attention.
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Jamie Jamie
We live in a time of fear. It is Muslim extremists who have declared a holy war upon the Western world. I understand your point when you ask, "WHy would we believe in war if when we greet people we say "Peace be upon you.?" All I can say is for you to keep speaking out for peace and to continue to express your disdain at the violent acts that have occured.
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Epiphany Epiphany
Exactly what I argue. I mean, no matter which way you look at it, Osama is not as bad as Hitler. Ode: Yes. Just like Martin Luther King should have just accepted that blacks were treated poorly. KMAA: And I take it you haven't studied the Qu'ran, and are just taking peoples word for it.
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Cindy Cindy
You need to accept that there are bad Muslims, just as there are bad Christians, atheists, Jews, etc.
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Babs Babs
Well, i hav heard that Muslims are SUPPOSED to kill all the non-believers. That sounds kinda bad to me. (shun the non believers. sssshhhhhhhuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnn) -charlie the unicorn. =)
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Acheflour Acheflour
muslim people add fake details to the religious rules that makes me and some people angry. like for women, if god wanted women to be covered so much, why did he bother giving them a body.
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Sylvester Sylvester
from grandpa stop judging: there are bad muslims, I just don't consider them as Muslims. Allah swt / God is the ONLY Judge
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