Can leaving a fan on at night harm my bird?

Can leaving a fan on at night harm my bird? Topic: A cover sheet
July 15, 2019 / By Norene
Question: First off, my bird is in my room on the far right of my bed and I have the fan (it's really really little I can hardly feel the air commimg out of it) on the head bored of my bed and is facing the opposite direction of the bird. The reason for the fan is 1. I seem to always get hot at night even if it's pretty cool In my room and 2. I have a hard time sleeping without the noise from my fan. As of right now the weather is pretty warm (I live in southern Cali) but I recently got the bird and I've grown attached to it and I don't want it harm it in anyway. Not sure if it matters but the bird is a cockatiel and is about 7 weeks old. Thank you :) Yes I have a sheet covering the whole cage
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Macey Macey | 4 days ago
So long as your cockatiel isn't in direct line of the fan's blowing, he should be fine. Drafts aren't good for parrots, but they actually have to be able to feel the draft before it can bother them. If it's a soft fan and he's well out of reach of the wind it creates, then I wouldn't worry about it. ^_^ Covering your cockatiel at night should be done carefully. I've known cockatiels that can't sleep without being covered and I've also known cockatiels that become very frightened when they are covered all the way. Start with a partial cover if you need to shield him from the fan a little.
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Kelly Kelly
Sounds like me sleeping with three fans on. If the bird is cover and its not too cold or hot then no. you may not want it have it points at the cage to be on the safe side. I had a 14 year old female cockatiel that just pass away and my mother has a 11 year old male that she not had any ploboems with.
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Isabelle Isabelle
Drafts aren't good for birds and they can get sick or die from them. Air flow in a room won't hurt them, but never direct it right at them. Never keep a cage by an air vents projecting hot or cool air...this can cause many health risk for them.{colds,dry skin,excessive moulting,feather biting and more} Your bird should be covered up at night they need 8 to 10 hrs of rest and solitude every night.
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Elfrieda Elfrieda
Try to put something to block the direct draft. Yes, you can harm the bird. Birds are very small and fragile things. I've had birds my whole life. One of the main reasons why birds can fly is so that they can travel great distances to find the perfect climate.
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China China
I've kept a fan in my bedroom for years -- and my bird cage has always been right in there with it. I don't have the fan pointed at the cage and my birds have been just fine.
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