The air pollution in the Liberal city of Los Angeles is declining because of their emissions regulations, so?

The air pollution in the Liberal city of Los Angeles is declining because of their emissions regulations, so? Topic: Pro data research
July 20, 2019 / By Kirstine
Question: .....what do ant-regulation, Pro-big oil Republicans have to say about that? ===================== Los Angeles air pollution declining, losing its sting The cleanup of California’s tailpipe emissions over the last few decades has not only reduced ozone pollution in the Los Angeles area. The scientists analyzed new data from research aircraft along with archived data going back a half-century to produce a comprehensive examination of air pollution in the Los Angeles region. “This is good news: LA’s air has lost a lot of its ‘sting,’” said lead author Ilana Pollack, a scientist from NOAA’s Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) at the University of Colorado Boulder. “Our study shows exactly how that happened, and confirms that California’s policies to control emissions have worked as intended.” Read more: http://www.innovations-report.de/html/berichte/geowissenschaften/los_angeles_air_pollution_declining_losing_sting_215012.html
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Best Answers: The air pollution in the Liberal city of Los Angeles is declining because of their emissions regulations, so?

Jannah Jannah | 2 days ago
Same thing with water. Rivers used to be so polluted they caught on fire. Liberals had to use government to force corporations to clean after themselves. Today's rivers are much cleaner thanks to liberal policies.
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Not all lawn mowers are the same. Some mowers are 2 cycle which uses a mixture of gasoline and oil for fuel while others are 4 cycle which uses straight gasoline. Which one are you referring to? By the figures you show the lawn mower appears to be less polluting? As for why they are similar they run on the same basic principle and other then mentioned above use the same fuel.

Ethelfleda Ethelfleda
Nobody benefits when protection of our environment and promotion of public health is classified as "liberal" or "conservative." We all breathe the air. I have lived in L.A. for many (many) decades, and I can remember when my eyes would burn and my lungs ache from pollution. But cleaning the air works best when it is a cooperative effort involving both the "liberal" and "conservative" areas of Southern California. Nobody wants to go back to the old days of orange skies.
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Claudette Claudette
According to literally all of the non-retarded: > Tripling the population requires deforestation - which dramatically reduces ozone. > Closing power plants MOVES pollution from California to where it now "imports" its power from.
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Becca Becca
I say more and more people will be killed on highways as cars get smaller, less heavy and more "efficient".... California has more highway fatalities than any other state.
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