Republicans: Since most of you seem knowledgeable of Socialism and Communism, will you please select from the?

Republicans: Since most of you seem knowledgeable of Socialism and Communism, will you please select from the? Topic: Case select c function
June 26, 2019 / By Suzie
Question: following categories which social class you now belong? And please tell us your occupation and how it corresponds to your class. (1) Proletariat (2) Lumpen Proletariat (3) Petit Bourgeoisie (4) Bourgeoisie And can you please give us your feelings on Marx idea that the goal of the proletariat is to displace the bourgeoisie (and correspondingly the capitalist system) and if this will or will not necessarily lead to communism? In other words, once the proletariat seizes the means of production, can a fully socialistic society continue to function without movement into communism? Just as I suspected. All mouth, no knowledge. No Track. Wrong. Shows how well education works in Alaska. Sorry Track. You are close so I apologize. Chappey. As usual, you run that cock sucker but have no idea what it is saying. Thank you, Robert Case. Very good.
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Best Answers: Republicans: Since most of you seem knowledgeable of Socialism and Communism, will you please select from the?

Raylene Raylene | 3 days ago
Please, Let me RE-EDUCATED the BRAINWASHED Cons. 1) . Possibly 2) The reason people dislike communism (small c) is because the Soviets, Chinese, Cubans gave communism a bad name. If you read Marx, He said there would be three steps in socialism 1) Welfare state 2) Nationalize 3) Utopian (communism society) Communism dont work because once the so called "marxist" took over, they become the Bourgeoisie. But Socialism worked, See Sweden.
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Raylene Originally Answered: Socialism is Communism?
No, Socialism is the general name for all political directions who think a democracy can only be established under the rule of the working class. As with christians, there are dozens of them. Anarchists believe the power should be on the lowest possible level (work, and or, place where you live) Anarcho-syndicalists: the power is mostly in the hands of the trade unions Communists: believe the overthrow of old system (capitalisme) can only be done under the leadership of an avant-garde, the communist party in cooperation of an international league of communist parties Marxists: general term for socialist who believe the socio economical analysis of K. Marx was correct Marxist- Leninist: Marxist who adhere to the principles of I.O. Lenin for the plan of the revolution Social democrats: believe they will establish a better government through parliamentary action Stalinists: believe in extreme planned economy and role of the socialist state. There are many more. Should you be interested, you might start with the very good article on the Paris Commune in Wikipedia. It is very logical that when you click on socialism, you find something about communism. Same if you look for capitalism, you might end up with colonialisation and imperialism or the US war against Vietnam. Enjou your reading.

Merit Merit
I would be part of the Petit Bourgeoisie as self employed with no employees. The rise of the joint stock company and the ability of workers to own stock has put the Marxist idea of class struggle (at least in the sense he saw) to bed. The labor theory of value has been debunked. The dialectic is so convulted that not even Lenin understood it, who claimed that Hegel must be understood for Marx to be undertstood, but then he admitted he never understood Hegel, maybe that was the problem.
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Leontyne Leontyne
Socialism comes into effect during the dictatorship of the proletariat. During this period the bourgeoisie are meant to be re-educated in order to prevent a counter-revolution. Once the state 'withers away,' communism takes its place.
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Jordyn Jordyn
So a Drug Dealer would be a Lumpen Proletariat? Tells a lot about Marxist ideology and its relation to modern day Communist Ideology; you know pot is legal in Berkley and so is the use of Heroin.
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Georgette Georgette
3, Petit Bourgeoisie - IT contractor. Self employed but at the mercy of those oh so evil capitalists. Elimination of capitalism is only a step towards communism.. and one we've been edging towards for several months now.
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Georgette Originally Answered: Why is America headed towards socialism/communism?
No, America is not heading towards socialism. Obama bailed out CAPITALISTS, not us the workers. America is a Capitalist country. Socialism is not mere government ownership, a welfare state, or a repressive bureaucracy. Socialism is a NEW social and economic order in which workers and consumers control production and community residents control their neighborhoods, homes, and schools. The production of society is used for the benefit of ALL HUMANITY, not for the private profit of a few. Socialism produces a constantly renewed FUTURE by not plundering the resources of the earth. Under capitalist and "Communist" states, people have little control over fundamental areas of their lives. The capitalist system FORCES workers to sell their abilities and skills to the few who own the workplaces, PROFIT from these workers' labor, and use the government to maintain their PRIVILEGED position. Under "Communist" states, decisions are made by Communist Party officials, the bureaucracy and the military. The inevitable product of each system is a class society with gross inequality of privileges, a draining of the productive wealth and goods of the society into military purposes, environmental pollution, and war in which workers are compelled to fight other workers. People across the world need to cast off the systems which OPPRESS them, and build a new world fit for ALL HUMANITY. DEMOCRATIC revolutions are needed to dissolve the power now exercised by the FEW WHO CONTROL great wealth AND the government. By REVOLUTION we mean a radical and fundamental change in the structure and QUALITY of economic, political, and personal relations. The building of socialism requires widespread UNDERSTANDING and participation, and will NOT be achieved by an elite working --- "on behalf of" the people. --- The WORKING class is in a KEY and central position to FIGHT back against the -- Ruling Capitalist -- class and its power. The working class is the MAJOR force worldwide that can lead the way to a socialist FUTURE – to a REAL RADICAL DEMOCRACY… http://socialistparty-usa.org/principles... http://www.dsausa.org/about/where.html http://www.socialistaction.org/socialism... http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socialism

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