Why do so many people use shorthand text when writing in yahoo answers? Has anyone heard of grammar?

Why do so many people use shorthand text when writing in yahoo answers? Has anyone heard of grammar? Topic: Gibberish writing a check
July 20, 2019 / By Cammie
Question: I enjoy reading and answering some of the questions posed on this forum, but I am consistently astounded by the lack of ability to compose a simple sentence! Let's not even get into the spelling thing, when there is a spell check tool on the ask your question page...ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy texting as much as the next person, but I haven't forgotten how to use the English language nor its grammatical rules. I'm not a prude, either...I drop "colorful" f-bombs and such like an old salty sailor. I beg all of you...please...use that wonderful organ sitting in your cranium to create actual, understandable, questions. Please don't give me the "time is precious" answer. Grammar and spelling are 2 different things...between the two, there are times when the question is jibberish. Yeah, time is precious...
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Amalea Amalea | 3 days ago
A sign of the times,I'm afraid.Just what these people will do with the extra second or two saved,is beyond me.I answered one question that was total gibberish and said that the person had had no answers because the question was just unintelligible I got the best answer because I was the only person to reply.Questions like that should be rejected.as should the ones in text format.
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Amalea Originally Answered: Why do so many members use text message shorthand on Yahoo Answers?
I absolutely cannot stand text messaging on here. I had another account and would not give best answer to anyone that replied in text message "talk". I have a cell phone and know how to use it. There is no call for it here. I can't read some answers either so I just ignore them and go on. Some teachers and employers are complaining that they are receiving test papers and resumes written in text talk. How sad that is!! Great question. Have a good night.

Wade Wade
Have you noticed I like answering question in full English grammar. The more I type the sentences, the more I can practice my typing in the computer & give a meaning to a sentence.The flowery words that I describe in my answers are just like an attachment to an e-mail. If no one really thinks its great,I'm still ok with it.
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Royle Royle
I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Thank you for mentioning it. I don't think people understand how difficult it is for those of us used to reading complete sentences. It takes time, for me anyway, to stop and decipher a sentence like this: hey ppl how r u im good gld 2 c u but idk where my bbf is cn u hlp me plz? This isn't a place to text because youre not charged by the minute or the letter. It wouldn't hurt to help someone else out who isn't used to that "coded" language, reserved for teens and twenty-somethings (usually) on expensive cell phones. Some of us oldsters are doing good (for us) just to be on the Internet. :)
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Morley Morley
It is faster to shorten up some words of the english language. So that is exactly why people do it.
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Kegan Kegan
see here ppl come 2 discuss their problems n jst interact they do not care bout the grammar!!!!!!!!
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Kegan Originally Answered: Why do most people on Yahoo Answers have terrible grammar/give terrible advice on purpose?
I don't think it is "most"; I think that is an overstatement. Although it may depend on what category you hang out in. I've seen excellently written answers (and questions); received good, well thought out advice presented clearly and succinctly; and (hopefully) given some as well. That said, there are indeed many who don't do that. They troll - because it makes them feel powerful. They use bad grammar because it is easier. They spell poorly because they don't care or because English is not their primary language, or because they haven't learned better. They "text speak" because they think it is cool - or whatever the latest slang is. Each one has their own reasons for it, I'm sure, but that probably covers a large percentage of it.

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