I need help with finding a good myth or legend thing. I don't really know what it's called?

I need help with finding a good myth or legend thing. I don't really know what it's called? Topic: Great courses writing and civilization
July 18, 2019 / By Obadiah
Question: Alright, so you read all these stories and some are based off of say, the seven deadly sins, or others possibly are based off the 12 chinese zodiac. There's even some based off of the 12 birth signs and then of course, the ever so popular four elements: wind, water, fire, and air. I want to write a story, but I don't know what to base it off of. I want something that's like these. Some weird legend thing (I honestly don't know what you'd call these sorts of things) that I can base my story off of. I don't know if you understand what I'm trying to ask, but if you do, please help...! I would appreciate if it could be mainly based on a number system. Like, the TWELVE zodiac, and the SEVEN deadly sins. Something like that.
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Lanford Lanford | 10 days ago
What you are referring to is called numerology. This number 12 is considered significant as representing Government and "Twelve denotes governmental perfection". There are 12 months governing a year, 2 cycles of 12 to govern the day and night, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 Olympians and 12 Uranides in the Greek pantheon, and 12 apostles established by Jesus to govern the body of his church - fulfilling the Great Commission (Mark 16:15), and the Roman decemvirs wrote laws called the Twelve Tables I always like the supernatural connotation regarding the number 13. Many people consider it unlucky, while others consider it almost divine in nature. Before Christianity most westerners used a lunar calendar comprised of 13 months of 28 days each. The 13th sign in the Zodiac was the Sumerian Goddess Inanna, in latin she's called (Serpentarius). She is sometimes referred to or confused with the Sumerian "goddess" Lilitu also called Lilith. She is actually referred to by name in the Hebrew bible. She is found between Scorpio and Sagittarius in the month of late November and December. Her arrival marks the winter solstice founding the New Year. Pagans added one day and celebrated this day on about Dec. 25th. 13mths x 28days= 364 days plus 1 for new years = 365 days/year... When society started becoming more male dominated (Genesis) the old pagan Gods and Godesses were demonized. The serpent in the Garden of Eden for example....made women responsible for the "downfall of man" etc.. I could go on and on but long story short...the 13th sign and month BOTH female were done away with by a male dominated society thus ending the civilization of the Godess....the "luna-r" calendar (also female) and 13 became an unlucky omen after that. She was so demonized that the Greeks changed her into a male God...(Ophiuchus) the god of medicine. He is depicted as a staff or tree of life with two snakes wrapped around it. It is still used today.
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A proper Wiccan coven has 13 members -12 practitioners and one High Priestess. One thought I had was this: Many Wiccans are offended by people who call themselves "solitary practitioners" or have a larger or smaller coven and still call themselves Wiccan, since the base of the religion itself has these as process. Many people misinterpret and change it, but that's like someone saying they're a Catholic but confession's not important. So let's say one coven gets carried away and finds "Wiccans" like this and magically tortures them, like girls waking up to see 13:13 on her clock. You could go into someone even getting power-hungry and starting to insist they kill. Ooh! Even add in a news story of 13 found dead, or 13 nights in a row people being found dead, or something. Also, you could work with a story based on the 5 elements/points on a pentacle - earth, air, fire, water, spirit. Maybe people that stand for each of these that are fated together, like one girl being a swimmer, one being a pyro, one being an environmentalist, one who does Tarot readings or seems psychic, and one who has a hobby like mountain climbing or flying or gliding. Lots of chances for number significances like in Seven and Butterfly Effect. You could do the same thing with people representing the Seven Sins. Another story I got while writing that is related to the Zodiac Killer. Since it's a real killer, you don't have to worry about copyrights. Let's say a group of people comes together accidentally, one person from each point on the Zodiac, and decide they're going to stop him. Think I'm out of ideas. If you use any for a story, I'd love to read it!! Let me know!!
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Ferd Ferd
I just want to point out to you that a great deal of study will be required for you to write about a topic you know little about. If you struggle or guess while writing, it will show. That's not to say it can't be done, it is simply a matter of knowing the amount of time you would have to dedicate to a work such as this. Some of the answers you received must seem overwhelming. There exists fountains of information on occult topics, religious concepts and ideologies; not to mention how the human mind can interpret these things. You must narrow your focus a great deal before you can begin to learn what you will need to know in order to twist it up. Creativity will take you a long way, but study and research will be the time consuming requirement to getting a good story on paper. I wish you much luck.
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Dacey Dacey
Maybe a sphinx, the master of riddles, haunts a girl in her dreams.... Or, maybe a person born in the year of the dragon meets with a real dragon and contacts the other zodiac creatures... I normally have more, but I'm braindead.
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It could be a world of Centaurs amongst our own, and all of their struggles as they try to stay hidden and evade capture.
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