I need some serious answers to this?

I need some serious answers to this? Topic: Tell me the answers to my homework
July 17, 2019 / By Shulammite
Question: I've been living with my dad and grandmother my whole life. My dad works 2nd shift so he's never around when i come home from school. For the past year now, my grandmother has become very angry. She's the one providing for me and my sister and when i say providing i mean, cooking and doing the dishes and sometimes the laundry. Me and my sister are not spoiled or anything. Whenever I try to do the dishes my grandmother screams at me and tells me to leave the kitchen. Sometimes that happens when i try and do my laundry. Also, she always yells at me and my sister for the littlest things like not finishing our meal or working on homework until late at night. In all, she's always yelling at us and its making me so frustrated. I can't stand this anymore. It's been going on for a year and almost every single day. Is there something wrong with her or am I just doing all the wrong things?
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Pheobe Pheobe | 3 days ago
You are not doing anything wrong. It seems to me as if your Grandmother is very unhappy and depressed about something and she does not know where to turn or who to talk to about it and she seems to be taking out on you and your sister. We grown ups sometimes take things out on the ones that we love when we do not know what to do about something that is frustrating us. I think that you should try to do something nice for her even when she seems angry towards you. I am sure it is not anything that you are doing to irritate her. I think that everything irritates her right now. Try to get her out of the house. Maybe the whole family needs to get away for the day and do something fun. Maybe Grandma just needs some time alone. Away from all of the responsibilities of you and your sister. She had been taking care of people all of her life and needs some time for something to be done for her. Talk to your Dad about it. Ask him what he suggests that all three of you can do to lighten up her spirits! Always be nice no matter what and do what your Dad and Grandma tells you to do. I know that it can be hard. Try talking to her and tell her how much that you appreciate all that she does for you however you would like to help her out. If she says that you can't do it right, ask her to teach you how to do it the way that she would like. Sometimes life can be very hard and confusing...for us grownups and especially for you younger folks! Keep a smile on your face and try to put yourself in her shoes and think what it must be like to be her and to have her life. I wish you the best, Lisa
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Marnie Marnie
I'm sure that she's mostly frustrated herself. Some people like to do certain things to calm themselves and feel as thoe it's thier job to do that one thing no matter what it is. She might think that you are trying to do her job and she might not want any one else to do it. I also know that some people (including me) hate to waste things. I can't even stan not finishing my own food. Maybe she's just the same way. If she's old enough, she might have been through the Great Deppression and known about how aweful it is to lose something and never get it back. Even food. She also might think that you'll do it wrong. I'm sorry to say that there are so many people that won't let others do certain things because they're simply afraid that you'll do it wrong. I used to be the same way with my younger sister. In some things, I still am. I'm sure that she only cares for you and you shouldn't get to frustrated with these things. Simply think of it as a learning experience and lean what to do and not to do around your grandmother.
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Lady Lady
Stress tends to do that to people, especially when they are supposed to be getting help, in this case, your grandmother's supposed to be receiving a hand in caring for yourself and your sister from your dad, but he's not around enough to actually do anything. Your grandmother could be yelling at you when you attempt to do a good deed because she's AFRAID you'll mess it up and she'll have to redo the entire task. All in all, your grandmother's frustration with your dad is being taken out on you and your sister, who are now frustrated. The best bet would be to help ease the pressure of raising you both off of your grandmother's shoulders.
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Jenessa Jenessa
From what i read i believe that no ur not doing most of the things wrong. Your trying to help with the dishes thats great but u get screamed at. The best thing to do is talking to your dad about this or someone closer to you that can help or relate to this problem, or have a serious talk(serious meaning calm, and peaceful) with your grandma and explain to her how she needs to have patience with you and your sister also remember that you have to thank her for the biggest or littlest things she's done for you, doesnt matter if she doesnt ppreciate it.. letting her know is best. Hope this helps and good luck-
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Fern Fern
You are not doing anything wrong, hon. Sounds like your grandmother is frustrated, and perhaps tired of taking care of everyone else... it's a shame she won't accept your help. You could ASK your grandmother if there is anything you can do to help... and if not, then go about your business... it sounds like you are living with someone who has issues.. and it's NOT your fault.. believe me. You can also talk with your dad and let him know what's going on, if he's unaware. take care.
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