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The Odyssey Question? Topic: Loyal essays
July 18, 2019 / By Kristy
Question: What are some ways greeks can learn from this poem? I got to write an essay and i have a couple ideas but a few more couldnt help. Easy 10 points.
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Jeanna Jeanna | 3 days ago
Loyality-- if you are not loyal you get punished also you find your own destiny. hey research on oddyseus the main character of the oddysey you will find more information on oddysey through Oddyseus. good luck.
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Jeanna Originally Answered: If you have read the Odyssey please help me?
Blegh. I and every other freshamn in my school are reading it.. Its SO interesting! BUt confusing- Anyways, to your question.. Don't copy what I write, but answer in your own words- [This is what I would write.. XD] What can be learned from Odysseus' trip to the underworld is that the Greek culture must believe that when a person dies they still have their souls and live with the gods in fire. The warnings that can be discovered is that when Odysseus saw his mother, he realized things may not be good at home. But he also knows what is going on at home. [I have TERRIBLE grammar! This is why I get a C+ in english.. -_- But you can write about how he saw his mom and what she said about his home.. Uhm.. I forgot what its called.. XD]
Jeanna Originally Answered: If you have read the Odyssey please help me?
Try sparknotes. It can help you a lot. Many of my friends use them and they say it is good. I don't really use them though. But you should. http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/odyssey/

Jeanna Originally Answered: THe Odyssey.responsibility?
how about the Sirens? Odysseus was being responsible by covering his mens ears, and not sparing his... how about.... the lotus eaters? they stayed for too long on the island and then he lost men because they were addicted to the lotus.. and how about when the goddess..what's her name? CIRCE! when Circe turns Odysseus' men into pigs. they stayed on the island for too long again, right? but Odysseus still went on. :D
Jeanna Originally Answered: THe Odyssey.responsibility?
How about everyone else that did not make it home from Troy? The Trojans followed the same gods, but the Greeks sacked the Temples.... Which is why so few made it home. Menelaus describes some of this, and Odysseus also gets it from the horse's mouths in the underworld. They had to pay for their actions.

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