LGBT Blog Topics, please?

LGBT Blog Topics, please? Topic: Blog article writing ideas
June 26, 2019 / By Adrea
Question: I`d be really grateful if you could give me ideas of catchy and interesting LGBT related topics for my Blog (http://en.darkq.net), so I could write some articles. There already are around 210 articles, but the more the better! Please check it out and tell me what do you think, thank you!
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Terance Terance | 5 days ago
a million. information about LGBT, acts antagonistic to homophobia, stuff concerning similar matters! some thing that piques my pastime. i am going to easily sense free to participate in a clean LGBT community. 2. Politics are interesting. i might want to go with to analyze what we are battling for. 3. possibly. i'm no longer quite into blogs, yet thus, i imagine i might want to like it. it isn't any longer needed, although. see you later because it is not boring, i might want to envision it. 4. i love videos. i go with some new classes to demonstrate screen. i imagine that's this manner of creative theory; bypass for it. 5. forums, quizzes (you recognize, those quizzes that ask you a question about what you may want to do in a particular problem, except it is extra LGBT-biased), polls, and fan fiction. i'm thoroughly for this theory; i might want to connect your internet web site! it would want to be relaxing to participate in yet another community outdoors of Yahoo with all my acquaintances from this community.
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Mmm your life (exciting,embrassing things etc..) I don't know anything else,that somthing I would leave up to you because visitors don't want to have to think up stuff, that's your job :) So pay attention to your visitors and what topics they mostly click on (ex- you have 3 topics about sunscreen,hair,weight loss and people click on the hair topic more then sunscreen and weight loss so that would be somthing that you would want to talk about alittle more then the other topics, but still doing topics on weight loss and sunscreen because there are going to be some people that love that topic more then hair To figure out what people are clicking on and how many visitors, add this to your blog sitemeter.com Yes it's free Hope I helped! :D

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the most silliest and the most funniest , or stupidest topice can bring you traffic.. Try something different dosen;t matter if u have to embress your self or not.. it brings media and attention to your blog.. Think out of the box.. Like Do something that know one even thinks about it.. like perez hilton.. he blogs about the most stupidest thing on the planet .. and the mist Bull c**p stories about celebrities.. Try to make fun of Celebs and Famous people.. YOu will get lot's of haters.. But it makes ur site more popular There is a saying * Haters Makes Me Famous* Perezhilton gets millions of hits but i bet half of the hits are from Haters...
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Terance Originally Answered: What kinds of topics bring you traffic to your blog?
I just read a free ebook that listed the hottest trends of 2008, called "Great in 2008". It was free to download and had dozens of ideas for hot topics and markets of 2008. The link to it is below.

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