Is yahoo answers plagiarism?

Is yahoo answers plagiarism? Topic: Just in case survival book
July 20, 2019 / By Jayde
Question: In asking someone else's opinions/ideas on here about an essay and then incorporating them into the essay, is it plagiarism? Should I reference the questions i ask?
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Eve Eve | 6 days ago
I like this question. It's a subtle thing. If you ask a question, and I answer you, and you really think about what I said and take it into your own store of information, then it's just being taught to you, and you are learning it, just like if you asked your mother, or a teacher. But if you copy and paste without learning, then it's cheating and it's useless to you, too. I don't know about plagiarism. I thought that had to do with published, copyrighted material. When you come here, people are telling you because they want you to know. So it's not like sneaking up on someone and stealing their manuscript and publishing it yourself. I don't think when you ask for information and people give it to you and you use it, that it's called "plagiarism." And I don't think you have to quote the source in these cases. But think about the difference between cheating and learning! We ALL learn from others. There's no other way!! Well, except when you go out on your own into the woods and cut a path for yourself or something. Homo Sapiens is a species whose whole survival strategy is co-operating in groups. We have to know the same things and each generation that comes a long has more to learn! Now I'm starting to ramble... but DO use YA ... not to just pass a test or hand in a paper, but to learn from all of us. It's part of my nature to teach, It's in our genes. I'm 67, I love to share my knowledge!!! It's not wrong! It's what we do! And it's not wrong for you to learn from us. We teach, you learn!!! So learn!!!! You are lucky to have YA!! And it's so good that you are concerned about this. You are smart, and have ethics! PS, so as you can see, I don't agree with those first two guys. That would be true if you were quoting from a book.This isn't a book. Too bad! Wouldn't it be great if I were making money on each answer! AND, you know what else? there are TONS of WRONG answers on YA! It's really quite amazing how people pontificate about things they don't know enough about. I really try to say when I'm not sure, but most people don't. I've seen many WRONG answers get voted as Best Answer!!! And I am sure about what I am saying here.
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Cody Cody
which could no longer plagiarism. Your pal appeared for information on YA - she ought to have executed so in a public library too or requested random strangers. it ought to easily count number as plagiarism if she copied lengthy paragraphs without giving a source link.
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Belphoebe Belphoebe
If you incorporated anyone's work into your work, even if it's another answer on Yahoo! Answers, cite it, and use quotation marks. If that person has citations on his work, add that as well. P.S. This is for all cases, not just books!
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Adrianah Adrianah
It depends how you use the information. Any time you directly cut and paste, without using quotes, it can be considered plagarism. And, yes, you should ALWAYS cite your sources and references.
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