Should we re-enlist to Ft Lewis, WA or should we move to California?

Should we re-enlist to Ft Lewis, WA or should we move to California? Topic: Army business plan
June 26, 2019 / By Nena
Question: My husband has option of re-enlisting in army (really good job and unit) for two more years and moving to Ft Lewis (near Seattle/Tacoma), or we could get out and try to find a job in California where our family and friends are located. What should we do?
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Best Answers: Should we re-enlist to Ft Lewis, WA or should we move to California?

Luann Luann | 8 days ago
Your best bet would be to re-enlist. Stay away from California. We have high taxes, high unemployment, a poor business climate and some of the worst school systems in the country. I am at the point where I am planning on leaving California for any state that has their act together.
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Katy Katy
As I are conscious of it, the California activity industry is extremely tight suited now. And ft. Lewis is at maximum a 2-daychronic from maximum places in the state. If i became in his place, i might re-enlist.
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Hollis Hollis
Reenlist. Unemployment is high in CA. The cost of living is out of sight. The state is about to go bankrupt. Illegals are like a plague. I have been to Seattle and to Fort Lewis while in the army.
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Edain Edain
Go to Lewis. As far as the left coast goes it is a good assignment. It is very picturesque, the hunting and fishing is great. The way CA has been described makes it only suitable for visiting. You can always drive or fly down from Lewis.
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