Applying for a job that was once offered but fell through?

Applying for a job that was once offered but fell through? Topic: Writing a graduate cover letter
June 26, 2019 / By Chris
Question: My friend asked for my opinion and I told her to reapply since it couldn't hurt. Was I wrong? She applied for a job last year and eventually got the offer, but when they were in the process of doing the background check, they couldn't determine her University graduation status. The job required a BS. She later found out that she was short 2 course because her petitions didn't go through, hence she didn't really graduate like she had thought. The job offer was then rescinded because at that point it was based on passing the background check. Now she really is finished with University and has the diploma in hand. Through job searching now she found the same company is hiring again for that same position. Should she apply again knowing the only thing that prevented her from getting the job was the graduation status? She says her interviews went great and she could see herself getting along with everyone she met at the office. Or has her previous situation left a negative impression of who she is and she should look elsewhere? Note: she says this is what she pictures as her ideal job. I just told her to apply again since the interview process was so positive for her the first time. Maybe they can look past what happened previously.
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Aubrie Aubrie | 4 days ago
It won't hurt to reapply but it would be a very good idea to write a cover letter to explain the situation. It could go either way though - they may believe her that it was a legitimate oversight or they may think she was lying (which of course means they wouldn't hire her). I would tend to think it was the latter though - they could have easily made her a conditional offer if they thought it was a legitimate mistake which could have been corrected easily or by taking a couple of night classes.
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Abaigeal Abaigeal
You're right, can't hurt. But if anyone remembers her and what happened, she isn't likely to get hired. Her best bet, if she gets an interview, might be to address the situation directly and tell them what happened. But they aren't real likely to buy that she didn't know she hadn't graduated.
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