Work and travel process, how do people make money from it?

Work and travel process, how do people make money from it? Topic: How to write a out of office reply
July 20, 2019 / By Candice
Question: There are certain people that work with foreign travel agencies, what they do is lets say they live in the U.S, they talk to businesses and hotels and try to find job for work and travel students. This seems like a nice on the side job to me. Can anyone explain the process to me. Do i need an office to start this? For your information, everyone is repplying to my post with a dumb scam info. I have posted this question to a number of different categories but never got an answer. If you don't know anything about the question then don't reply to it. And telling me that you are one of the top contributers at yahoo has no relevance to my question. I hope you are happy. i don't understand whats wrong with trying to gather some info on a topic.
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Amaryllis Amaryllis | 7 days ago
This question has nothing to do with Turkey/Travel so my answer shall nothing to do with your question. How are you this morning? Do you think waffles are healthy? Okay mate see ya around. Source: Worked up yahoo answers top contributor. I am hiding my badge, sort of like a secret sheriff on a mission. Addition for avoiding being a total jerk: My advice to you is to move your question to relevant categories. Also nothing is as good as it looks, beware. Oh my, you've already asked this question 7 times haha Edit: Lolz I am not a top contributor, I was referring to some other users here who keep writing "this is not the correct section blablabla" Anways chill out a little. Didn't mean to offend you really, sorry if I did.
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Amaryllis Originally Answered: How Can I work and travel abroad with no money in my bank account?
You could try something like the Peace Corps, but that isn't really going to help you pay off your debt or really allow you to travel much. You would be living and working in a fixed location. Under the best of circumstances, it is not easy to move to another country especially if you want to work there. EU citizens have the right to live and work freely here; others require a visa to do so legally. The following applies to non-EU citizens who want to work in the EU in general and Italy in particular. The site for visas here in Italy is: http://www.esteri.it/visti/index_eng.asp . The site has links to the application, the additional information you need to supply in order to get the visa and where to apply. It also includes education visas which are somewhat easier to get than work visas. You can find similar information for other countries on their consulate websites. The rules in much of the EU have been harmonized and will be similar. You cannot apply for the visa from Italy; you need to do that before you arrive. When you get here, you will have to apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno (Permission to Stay) from the authorities. With the economy now, jobs are scarce - a lot of companies have a hiring freeze in place. The unemployment rate in Spain is around 20% for example and almost 50% in the 16 to 24 year old age group. A work permit is separate - you cannot apply for that yourself. The company has to apply and they have to be able to demonstrate that there is not a viable EU candidate for the job. As a result, jobs for foreigners including Canadian or US citizens are pretty much restricted to people with special education, knowledge, or experience. When I got my visa several years ago, the process took about 8 months even though it was just a transfer of a job I was already doing from the US to Italy. If you want to live here without working, then you'll need to demonstrate that you have adequate resources to do so. You will need to know the local language where ever you would move. I'm not aware of anyone who is hiring currently in the city where I live and some business are cutting back on employees. It's useful to check the expat sites for information about living and working here or other places you might be interested in: http://www.expatsinitaly.com/ http://www.escapeartist.com/ http://www.expatica.com/ http://www.expatfocus.com/expatriate-ita… There are similar sites specific to just about any country you might be interested in that you can find by searching for "ex pat" or "expat" and the name of the country. Generally, these will have a lot of good information on daily life and negotiating the bureaucracy when you arrive and provide you with useful information you should know before you make the transition. The websites of the consulates of the countries you might be interested in are also a good starting point. The cost of living here is generally higher than in the US. In addition, you would want to check the tax situation carefully. Here in Italy, I have to file returns in both the US and Italy every year as a US expat. It can be quite complex and expensive.

Wallis Wallis
I wouldn't recommend. As far as I know, Work and Travel is not that profitable for the agents (per student), but the market is bigger than other similar markets, so you might be able to send a lot of students and get a rather large sum. Way too many problems can happen, as well. If you can find and hire the right people, go for it, if you wish, but otherwise stay away, I'd say. The super category "Travel" is much better than any of its subcategories for this question.
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Rudolph Rudolph
Tough name. Few matters to assess: one million. Where used to be the e-mail despatched from (gmail/hotmail/yahoo account or a official account) two. Is the soliciting for corporation registered? Does it have a proper header/footer with registration main points? three. Is it a financial institution switch they desire? Or are they watching for a Western Union switch? Speedy Travels Agency does appear to be reliable. Do name them even though and simply give an explanation for you desire to ensure you're no longer being scammed.
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Mortimer Mortimer
Well a couple of my friends went, one for example went to the US from Turkey and worked at "6 flags" in wisconsin(an amusement park) over the summer I believe he stayed in a motel. The money he earned there, he spent on things for himself and family etc. (ie presents, clothes, electronics) you dont need an office or anything, you just need to apply but I dont know exactly where you apply, look for Work and Travel posters in your locale. read this first http://sozluk.sourtimes.org/show.asp?t=w... (if you know turkish) this site could probably provide more info http://www.ciee.org/wat/
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Kelcey Kelcey
As far as I know, there are sponsors in the usa, and they have partner agencies in Turkiye, so you should contact with them. wat agencies in Turkiye works with those authorized sponsors. on the other hand, due to economic recession, number of participants decreased this year compared to 2008 and there are also more wat(work and travel) makers have bad experiences in 2009 summer. for sponsors google it: allianceabroad, ciee, cetusa,
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Herbie Herbie
I don't know anything about this but this link might prove useful www.turkeyjoblink.com. I wish you luck with your new venture.
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Herbie Originally Answered: Jobs that allow you to travel? and make a decent amount of money?
Agricultural Reseach Biological Research Veterinary Inspection USDA Support personnel for international sports venues.

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