2001 Wrangler - hole in protective case to gas tank, smells like gas - but test says Evap Emissions Leak?

2001 Wrangler - hole in protective case to gas tank, smells like gas - but test says Evap Emissions Leak? Topic: Point in case saying
July 15, 2019 / By Amran
Question: Yesterday at the station I noticed a large puddle of what seemed to be gas but got a phone call and didnt have time to check if it was from my vehicle, but I noticed a trickle as I was driving away.. when I parked next, I saw nothing coming out but saw a hole in the protective casing to the gas tank. any ideas? When I had a diagnostics test run, it said Evap Emissions Leak Taters, I'm more worried about the hole and not the light.. but thanks! ok one more update - when i looked at it yesterday it was getting dark and i was in a hurry - today i looked at it briefly - the holes i was referring to are on the skid plate for the tank but they are factory holes, and nothing was coming out of them. but my light is still on, so i'm going to have to bring it in to see why it's there. could be a crack like one of you said, could be anything at this point.. really not thinking it's a leak anymore - as i do go thru a lot of gas but not like i have a leak. even tho it did drip as i drove away, it doesn't drip while it's parked..anywhere. thanks all of you for your help and im sure my problem is somewhere in these answers..
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Topaz Topaz | 3 days ago
the engine light is on and setting evap leak codes because there is a hole in your fuel tank. when the fuel is low you leak vapors. when the tank is full you leak fuel. take it in and get it fixed.
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Topaz Originally Answered: Jeep wrangler Front differential leak?
Pinion seal leaks do not require the case to be opened. Disconnect the front drive shaft and secure up out of the way. Remove the pinion nut and then the pinion yoke will slide off the end of the pinion. Then remove the pinion seal by using a sharp chisel and hammer and working your way around the seal until it comes free of the housing. Replace the seal by tapping the seal in evenly and working slowly around. Don't smack it directly with the hammer as it will deform it. Also don't hit it so hard as to dislodge the spring from the inner lip of the seal. Use a flat piece of steel on the seal and strike that with the hammer to distribute the impact and work the seal in slowly and evenly. Clean the yoke at the seal mating area with fine scotch bright cloth to remove corosion that could destroy the new seal. Put your yoke and washer on then the nut. Be sure there is a fair amount of "drag" when the nut is fully engaged on the pinion threads, then torque to around 400 Ft. lbs. You don't have to be hyper specific on the torque just feel for the sharp torque rise telling you you have made contact with the crush sleeve between the pinion bearings then stop, don't over torque and crush the sleeve further. There should be no in and out slop when it is torqued correctly. Hook your shaft back up and you are on your way. The opinion of $100 above for a shop to do it is about right. Now the realistic way, if it isn't slinging a ton of oil just check it every time you change your engine oil and top it off. Jeeps leak, that's the way of the world. "If it isn't leaking it is empty", is a common phrase in the Jeep world.

Ruth Ruth
I have a 04 TJ and I laid mine over a few time in turn having a Small Evap lead check engine light (CEL) it comes and goes. I believe I have pulled a hose off the evap canister. and I get the hint of gas here and there , nothing to be alarmed about!! Now are you sure you have a leak? I not sure what your saying by PROTECTIVE CASING to the tank? I thinking your talking about the skid plate for the gas tank? Plastic part all the way around the tank? if so that's just a skid plate jeep puts on it for off roading so you don't punch a hole in the tank. Ok when you had the CEL pulled what code was it SMALL Evap leak? if so put money on you gas cap..... but if you have a leak coming out most likely your seal for your fulepump/filter assembly and when you fill up its sloshing around and running down gas tank into your skid plate? hope this helps some what eD
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Nelle Nelle
Hate to tell you this, but you need to find that leak due to fire danger. If I had to venture a guess, fill the tank and look under the truck. Yes, go under it. Prime suspect areas would be the fuel pump and level sending unit location on the front of the tank near the top or the rubber hoses going into the tank itself from the filler neck. Just a hole in the plastic cover around the tank does not mean a leak there. Find the leak soon if it is actually gasoline. Good Luck
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Louise Louise
It could be. But with my 2001 Jeep Cherokee if my check engine light comes on the the gas cap not getting screwed on tight enough the errors message will state Evap Emissions Leak.
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Katrina Katrina
that is the code you will get when there is a leak in the fuel system. the evap system checks for any hydrocarbon aka gas leaking by putting pressure on the system if it cant hold the pressure it fails and sets the code. you need to fix the hole clear the code and test again. go to discountjeepparts.com they have a replacement for $799.99
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Katrina Originally Answered: Hole in gas tank?
You've got three choices here to stay away from the purchase of a new tank--which I guarantee you will reel you when you see what they want for them !! It ain't pretty !!! First of all-- alot of this is going to depend on the size of the hole in the tank--- if it is relatively small to medium sized you'll be able to do these two "patch" functions quite easily in fact --- if the hole is much larger--- you may have to go immediately to option three and forget about the "patch" options all together !! You may want to do a temporary patch---and I stress Temporary here--- this will require you to have the place clearly marked where the hole is-- AND then-- completely draining the tank of gas --- it is imperative that the tank be empty while doing this--- next you will need a product by the name of----- J B Wield Quik ---- it is a two part chemical cement that once mixed sets extremely quick and double double tough ! So, once the two parts are mixed---you will have to work extemely rapid !! use something like a popcicle stick to mix the two parts and to apply the mixture to the hole in question--- taking pains to spread the mixture evenly and completely over the hole and smoothing the substance out for some distance around and larger than the hole being filled--- in something like 30 minutes you should be able to replace the gas in the tank and resume your travels---- but remember that this is a simple temporary fix and it is suggested that you move to one of the next two optiions for a more permanent solution as rapidly as is possible !!!! Second option here is to take the car to a repair center and have the hole professionally repaired---- a lot of places that do radiator repairs can do this repair on fuel tanks because they have the equipment and the know how to do this and are considerably less expensive than regular "body shops" that in a lot of cases would simply take this item to the place I'm telling you to go---and charge you extra for having done so !!! These places will remove the tank completely and drain it---then they steam it and vent it to completely remove ALL gas residue --- even the residual fumes--- then they actually wield or "braze" the hole to form a permanent seal--- this in the long run will be your best option in the repair "thing"--- you can expect to pay somewhere around $ 100 to $ 125 usd for this service !!! Third and final option--- find a replacement tank on a car at any "junk" or "salvage" yard you can find and pay someone to take both tanks off and replace your's with the salvage yard purchase !!! I hope this helps in some way and gets you guys back on the road !!

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