I had a dream that my mom found out i was gay and.?

I had a dream that my mom found out i was gay and.? Topic: Lol cool writing letters
June 26, 2019 / By Wat
Question: so im in the closet, 18 yrs old, gay boy lol. i had a dream the other night that i wrote a letter to my mom telling her im gay, but never gave it to her, and instead i hid it. however, she found it, and later left a note on my door and said it was ok that im gay. i confronted her and we hugged and both cried. then i went sledding with my friends and then i woke up lol. so what do you all think about it?
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Sachie Sachie | 9 days ago
this story seems very familiar...lol haha like i heard it before or something! lol im jk! I think that i wish I had a dream to make me feel that i should tell my mom and she will be cool with it. I think you'll be fine though, like seriously, unless your mom says anything to you that makes you contradict your dream then maybe you shuldnt tell her lol I want to go sledding!!!!
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As you so correctly state "he was the fool" - this is nothing more than a teenage boy infatuation! If there had been anything to hide he certainly would have made a much better effort to cover his tracks lol Whilst I can understand your hurt try to not take this as a reflection of how he sees you - this does not mean he doesn't find you attractive, it also doesn't mean that he would have acted on anything had the opportunity arose - this is nothing more than him rubbing his ego ~ this is about him and his sense of self. It is a reflection of how he see's himself - not how he see's you and your relationship. He has "been better than magnificent" because of how much he values you and your relationship - not because of guilt or feeling stupid or anything else - he loves you and he is trying his best to show you that, he knows he made a fool of himself and a stupid mistake ~ let him know you found his notebook and explain that for you sexual or not, another woman is not welcome in your marriage - make your position very clear - then focus on one thing ... this man loves you - yes, he has made mistakes, but if he didn't love you he certainly wouldn't be close to magnificent!

Murdoch Murdoch
It sounds like some part of you really craves openness with and acceptance from your family. It's my personal experience that dreams--at least those which seem significant--are the psyche's way of relaying important messages we need to hear in order to find wholeness and genuine happiness. Maybe you should dwell on your dream's content a bit more and ask yourself if hiding any longer (at this point in time) really seems worth it. Your mom will love you no matter what. But it's your dream and your choice, of course. Good luck, man!
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Kendall Kendall
Hopefully, when the time comes, it will turn out as well in real life as it did in your dream. But remember, just because you dream something will happen or turn out a certain way, doesn't mean it will. If it did I would be living happily ever after with Brad Pitt. Good Luck Joe Edit: and Jake Gyllenhaal Edit: and James Van der Beek Edit: and that guy from Smallville Edit: and Mario Lopez
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Hilkiah Hilkiah
I think it was a cute dream. Hopefully if/when you come out it happens that way. Including the sledding lol. Doesn't that one kid Tyler play for the UNC Basketball team? His School played my High school a few years back in the state championship game and he like killed all of our players.
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Elrod Elrod
My thought is that you really want her to know and to love and accept you the way you are. This is probably weighing heavily on your mind right now. You want to tell her but don't want to do it face to face. You are hoping she will just notice and be ok with it.
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Clarence Clarence
dude, you know your mom, you know what does she think about you, and i think, she will love you 4ever anyway, no matters what do you like, maybe this dream is a ray of hope to you, is the streng you need, do it as best as you can, and im sure, no matters what happen, you mother will be proud of you good luck
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Amminadab Amminadab
well, it seems like she was understanding in the dream, so she may be in real life. but you never know, i had a dream about my friend carrying around a plastic fork with a smile on her face. dreams can be so weird, but some seem to have meaning.
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Tiphanie Tiphanie
TELL HER!!!!!! She will love you no matter what! I thought my parents would never love me again but now they love me and my bf they treat him as though he were a part of the family.
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