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What is the answer too this question? Topic: Motivation to do math homework
July 16, 2019 / By Mahala
Question: What is the answer too this question? What steps would you advise a boss take to increase the decorators motivation to deliver high quality customer service? What would make workers better?
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Keturah Keturah | 4 days ago
Give them a pay rise Or better working conditions Or better lunch food Better equipment. Give them cups of tea and biscuits Make them like you by being nice and smiling but not TOO nice. Give them a job they enjoy doing, it will increase how good their work is, for instance, say you have a child who has to choose wether they do their art or maths homework first. If the child like art better than maths, you would ask them to do their art homework first so that their maths homework will turn out better. See what i mean?
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Jaida Jaida
Employee's motivation is always helped by an increase in pay and better working conditions. You have decorators, make sure they have good equipment and proper lighting. Recognize their good work with awards and accolades.
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