Do toys really come to life just like in the movie Toy Story?

Do toys really come to life just like in the movie Toy Story? Topic: The sisters 8 movie
July 15, 2019 / By Hilary
Question: Okay so my older sister who is like 17 and I'm 12 was watching this movie called Toy Story. And then after the movie was over I was like saying... Would it be cool if toys really came to life? And he was like They do come to life!" And so I was thinking about it after words. Because I use to have a bear when I was 8. I remember i was out with my mom shopping. I went to look at the toys in the toy area. I remember i was playing with the toys then when my mom called me. I left my bear on the shelf by mistake. It took me 10 mins to remember I forgot it! Then my mom took me back to the store. I went back to fine my bear, and it was gone!! I was so sad after that! :( Do toys really come to life?
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Eavan Eavan | 8 days ago
LOL Of Course They Do Silly....LMAO XD K Srry To Break it to u hun but ur little bear ran away from its Owner he's renting a place at Build-A-Bear-Workshop LMAO He was tired of being Nude. K Im Just Joking Ur Sibling Just Did that To Scare You Alright...If Any1 Tells U Something Really Awkward Like Bloody Mary (that scared the Shyt outta me when i was like 11) its probably NOT True I Joke Around A Lot
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Chance Chance
awww. That's such a sad story. I remember that I lost my teddy bear when I was 9, because it fell from my bag when I was touring France with my Mom. I think teddy bears become a part of a person's childhood. My little brother treats his teddy bear like a family member and takes him everywhere he goes except school. The answer to your question is NO. But I feel some toys can wind them selves into a person's life that the loss of that toy can hurt you emotionally.
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Anona Anona
... no sweetheart. To live, you have to have a heart and lungs and a brain and other organs while toys are made from...plastic and fabric. The only reason your teddy bear went missing was probably because some other kid came along and thought it was a toy that was for sale and started playing with it. HOWEVER it has been stated that in paranormal investigations, demons and poltergist have either inhabited or thrown/broken and doll or other toy. It happens quite frequently to be honest :)
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Ywain Ywain
Disney-Pixar made that movie. They created the characters in a computer using CGI animation. It really reminds me of The Christmas Toy, which was a Jim Hensen/Disney feature, that was made with puppets.
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Shemaiah Shemaiah
No, toys are inanimate objects and impossible to move. You may have just lost it, even if you think you remember last putting it on the counter.
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Normand Normand
Yes they sure do! :) JK i mean when i was 2 i probably got creeped out by that movie. and just to let you know i doubt that he even was telling the truth. he was probably trying to freak you out!
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Lake Lake
yo did u ever see the movie CHUCKY yea soooo that movies based on true events so just do what they do in the movie CHUCKY and u would be fine
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