Bedroom light switch "rocker" plate got broken, is it dangerous for me to replace it myself or do I have to hire an electrician?

Bedroom light switch "rocker" plate got broken, is it dangerous for me to replace it myself or do I have to hire an electrician? Topic: Case switch difference
June 26, 2019 / By Dacey
Question: My son was messing around and broke the "rocker" switch that turns his bedroom light off and on. (It's one of those ~3 inch x 1 1/2 inch large, "flat" type switches.) The upper portion still work and the light turns off and on just fine, but it just looks awful. I'm getting ready to put my house on the market and have spend a small fortune doing small repairs, new paint, etc., (in other words...I'm broke at the moment), so I'm wondering if I can replace this myself or do I have to hire an electrician? I went to the store and a new rocker switch costs $10, but it will cost ~$75 to hire an electrician. The people at Home Depot and Lowes both said it's really easy to replace...but I'm not sure. My also friends told me it's super easy to change it and it only takes a few mins, and I just need to make sure the electricity is cut off to that room, but I'm a little nervous. Has anyone who is NOT an electrician changed one out? If so, was it difficult? PLEASE don't just tell me to hire an electrician, it's not an option for at least 6 weeks, it's either keep the ugly, broken one or replace it myself. Btw, I've never done any electrical work, this would be my first time. Thanks for the advice ! UPDATE: Thanks for the great answers! I forgot to add that is one "box" with the light switch "rocker" plate on the left side that turns the light off and another "box" that controls the fan on the other side. They are in separate "boxes", but are covered under one electrical cover. (Don't know if that makes a difference or not, just thought I'd throw that in) Definitely think I'm going to give this a try! Heading off to Lowe's now! :-)
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Best Answers: Bedroom light switch "rocker" plate got broken, is it dangerous for me to replace it myself or do I have to hire an electrician?

Originally Answered: How do i replace a dimmer switch to a regular light switch?
Assumptions I am making: The two wires bringing power into the switch are black and white, one hot, the other neutral. The three wires going from the switch to the lights are black, red and white. The light that is not part of the light/fan combo has a separate black wire and a white wire in the same junction box as the fan/light wires are in. If they are true, and it were me, I'd: In this case I believe you will find that two of the poles on one side of the switch deliver power from one switch toggle, and the other pole on that same side delivers power from the other toggle. If so, wire the black from the fan/light combo to one of the two poles and the black from the other light to the other pole for that same toggle. wire the red lead to the same side, using the third pole run by the second toggle switch. wire all the white together and connect down to the white that is located in the switch box. Don't connect any white to the switch. the black going into the switch from your source of power is connected to the single pole on the other side of your double switch. Verify all these assumptions with the manuals and install instructions you got with the products. See if you can find out which device is powered from the red wire coming off the fan/light. If the red is the light instead of the fan, just reverse positions that I described above to have the two lights on one switch and the fan on the other. I am not an electrician, although I play one on TV. don't listen to me.

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