I have a question for parents with teenager kids on yahoo answers?

I have a question for parents with teenager kids on yahoo answers? Topic: Solving a problem for kids
July 15, 2019 / By Aldis
Question: Why in the merlins beard would you want to confiscate your childs mobile phone, ipod ..laptop, when there's a boy/girl problem at home? isn't that stupid....that can only cause depression! wow...such ,,wouldn't wanna cuss out
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Tabatha Tabatha | 4 days ago
All that junk they confiscated was paid for by them. It's a privilege and not your right to use them. Go solve your boy/girl problems face to face. Our kids were out in the fields working during the summer WITHOUT gadgets hooked up to them.. They talked to their friends in their spare time which was usually when school started again in the Fall. DEPRESSION.....hahahahahahaha! Drama queen is more your speed.
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Reene Reene
I am not a parent (my wisest life choice to date), but If I were, my teenagers wouldn't have laptops or Ipods or mobile phones or any such expensive technological rubbish. They'd have a Meccano set, a jigsaw or two and a teddy-bear each and have to be satisfied. Well, it was bloody good enough for me when I was growing up! If they were really well-behaved, and had made no noise at all for 5 days, I might even unchain them and let them out of their bedrooms occasionally.
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Michaela Michaela
There is a category called 'Family & Relationships" that you would probably get more responses to your question. Most of us have grown children that never had these devises when we disciplined them as teenagers. One question to you, who paid for these devises? The child? Advise to the parents, save your money and don't purchase these items so you don't cause depression when you confiscate them.
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Letty Letty
There are always two sides to a problem like this. If you can put yourself in the parents shoes and see it from THEIR viewpoint, however stupid you think that is....... Then in QUIET conversation ask them to put themselves in your shoes however stupid they think you are being....... Only then can you come to a reasonable compromise for all. If you expect winners and losers you will most often be very depressed. The way to peace ... worldwide, is understanding and compromise.
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Juanita Juanita
Well goody for you. You found Yahoo Answers. Now search the categories and find the right one to ask your question in.
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Juanita Originally Answered: Is Yahoo! Answers just a community of kids?
Mostly probably kids at school who are supposed to be doing something else, but are just asking for homework answers.

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