How bad is marijuana for a 14 year old?

How bad is marijuana for a 14 year old? Topic: Online term papers
July 16, 2019 / By Nogah
Question: so I tried weed once and it was really fun and I'd love to do it more like every weekend or something. but my parents found my papers so I just told them. they were really pissed and I kept telling them it really isn't unhealthy. I want to prove them wrong that it really isn't that bad. Their "arguments" were that it affects decision making and it doesn't let you focus on schoolwork and it does affect your brain in long term. They also thought that dealers put dangerous stuff in it. Well it barely affects decisions imo, people I know that do it heaps are A students at school, long term effects are only for junkies who do it every day, and why the **** would dealers mix dangerous stuff like cocaine/heroin in it because that's their loss. There is just so much bullshit online and from what I can see it is better for you than alcohol/cigarettes which I've tried and don't really care for too much. But I can't find anything that looks reliable with unbiased unbribed studies that say occasional use will **** me up at all. please answer :)
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Kris Kris | 7 days ago
the facts are that we just don't understand everything that is in cannabis and how the components interact with one another in the body, this makes it really hard to say if it is good or bad, even for a 14 y/o. I started smoking cannabis when i was 14, i am 23 now, stopped smoking 2 years ago but still eat it regularly. I also went through the same factual arguments with my parents at the time. I would say your main worry is its impact on the lungs. I can pretty much assure you that it will not hurt you in the short term however nobody will be able to tell you for sure the long term impacts on your brain and such. But its potential for addiction is pretty low so its not like you'l get hooked unless you use every day for weeks, and even then most people still do not find it that hard to quit (compared to other drugs) ps. dealers wouldn't lace pot with expensive drugs however i have heard of people spraying it with flyspray to make it look crystally, altho this is rare my point is there are people out there that will do stupid sh*t like that hope some of this helps
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Kris Originally Answered: How many people die a year from smoking marijuana?
It's actually proven that the only thing you can possibly get from smoking pot is a small case of bronchitis...and it's unlikely. People may die while they are high for whatever reason..And to actually overdose on THC, you have to smoke like hundreds of joints back to back..which wouldn't be possible cuz you'd end up asleep by like the 5th one. If you want a really good look at the history and all there is to know about marijuana, watch the movie "Grass." It's sorta documentary style and Woody Harrilson is the person speaking throughout the movie. It's very informative and gives you a better perspective of the "drug" itself. Of course there's a chance that you get in a car accident or just die of any other reasons and you just happen to be high when it happens. Also, someone could be using a combination of drugs that kills them or that they overdose on, but they smoked pot as well. This question will have alot of very opinionated answers I'm sure..but try that movie. It's REAL facts based on many studies that actually happened rather than what some random person thinks the answer is ;)
Kris Originally Answered: How many people die a year from smoking marijuana?
People don't die from smoking marijuana. They die from doing stupid stuff while smoking such as driving. Similar to the rule "don't drink and drive", don't smoke and drive. It's common sense. Mixing anything that impairs your judgement with a dangerous activity can obviously lead to death or severe injury. There is no record that the act of smoking marijuana ever killed anyone. Doing it every day is not always good for you but neither is eating an unhealthy diet. Almost anything in excess can lead to negative health effects. Meth, Heroine, Cocaine... these are "deadly" drugs. Alcohol is also among one of the more dangerous ones. Marijuana, although illegal is in the same risk family as nicotine, and sugar. Even tobacco is more dangerous(it contains tar and other things and is known to cause lung cancer). Smoking marijuana every day can lead to respiratory problems but is not directly linked to lung cancer(there are also ways to consume it without inhaling smoke). On the contrary, it has been proven useful in *treating* cancer. If you think that marijuana is one of the more dangerous drugs, you need to do some research. Compare the side effects of alcohol(a common legal drug) to that of cannabis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marijuana http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcoholic_beverage See for yourself. Don't rely on the government funded propaganda commercials to mold your opinions. Find the facts.
Kris Originally Answered: How many people die a year from smoking marijuana?
There has in no way been a stated dying led to by marijuana. one among the different solutions cites 3 deaths "appropriate" to marijuana, yet in none of them became into marijuana the reason for dying. Marijuana isn't poisonous. there is not any deadly dose. As for the homeless question, i do no longer think of every person can answer that with any actuality. Medically talking, there's no longer something approximately marijuana itself that could bring about homelessness. however the prohibition of marijuana could desire to reason criminal issues that could desire to bring about homelessness.

Irvin Irvin
There is a good reason why your parents are upset. One hit off a joint it equivalent to 8 cigarettes in terms of what it does to your lungs. Also, drug dealers lace commonly bought drugs so you trip out and you continue buying from them. Smoking once a week can still give you long-term effects. Weed doesn't leave the body after a day or two. It can stay in your body for up to a month.
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