Would you leave your child in a catholic school for the academics even if you're not religious?

Would you leave your child in a catholic school for the academics even if you're not religious? Topic: Kindergarten first grade writing activities
July 18, 2019 / By Acheflour
Question: Okay, here's the thing. My four year old daughter goes to a private catholic school. It has the best academics in the area: they teach children Spanish and French from the very beginning, she's four and already knows how to read most things (with a simpler language, of course), write several words, they have technology class and she can use the computer very well. But, at the same time, she's being taught a lot of religion concepts my family and I don't agree with. It's been hard on us to teach her our beliefs (we don't have a religion and don't believe in religions in general), and it's been hard on her, to have all her little friends talking about baby Jesus and things like that she's just "whatever" about. We often get calls from school that she isn't interested in religion classes, that she "praises" not going to church on Sundays and going to the mall instead. I want my daughter to get the best academic education, but I don't feel this school is right for her. And, it's the best. What would you do? She's in a catholic "pre school", which involves kindergarten and first grade curricular activities. Which is why she's there to start with. I get the whole not going to heaven thing. I swear to you I've heard that from other moms at the school. I do not get along with them. What would you do if someone asked you: "Don't you want your daughter to go to heaven?". I just roll my eyes! :)
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Sylvester Sylvester | 9 days ago
Okay, I HAVE to answer that one! I think it's HILARIOUS when people say they're goinna pray for me,as if it makes them so much righter about life and the world than me. I went to a catholic school since sixth grade. I'm from Brazil and the best school in my city was catholic. I wasn't. I hated religion class. I don't believe in relgion, either. But I LOVED my school. The academics were great, I learned so much. The people were surprisingly very nice -- I always got alone with everyone: teachers, students. Hell, even my religion teachers loved me. The thing is: I got all my belif basis at home. I've seen it happen, people get brainwashed. I've known people with solid non-catholic beliefs that went to my school and became alter boy. I think the most important is to educate her at home. Teach her your faith, and you know, teach her others. Let her know how other people feel about life, what are their views, how much religion plays a role in their lives. I LOVE learning, about all religions, even if I don't believe anything they say or find them absurd. It's always good to have knowledge. I think, if it's the best academics, you should leave her there until she can move to a great non-religious school. But always, always talk to her at home, and educate, and talk about beliefs. I believe that the most ignorant people are not the ones without knowledge, are the ones that only see one way. It's important to know different stuff, even if you don't agree with them :-)
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Sylvester Originally Answered: Atheists, would you send you child to a catholic school if it was a best school in the area?
Bit of a dilemma since it has been shown that religion reduces intelligence! Research has shown atheists have a higher intelligence than people with a strong religious faith. The difference is 5.8 points according to findings in developmental psychology! More members of the "intellectual elite" considered themselves atheists than the national average. Only 7 percent of members of the American National Academy of Sciences believed in God. Whilst only 3.3 percent believed in God in the UK’s Royal Society. Several Gallup poll studies of the general population have shown that those with higher IQ’s tend not to believe in God." Neuroscientists have conducted the most comprehensive brain mapping to date of the cognitive abilities measured by the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS), the most widely used intelligence test in the world. The results show that the various factors that comprise a high or low IQ score depend on particular regions of the brain. The WAIS test is composed of four indices of intelligence, each consisting of several subtests, which together produce a full-scale IQ score. The four indices are the verbal comprehension index, which represents the ability to understand and to produce speech and use language; the perceptual organization index, which involves visual and spatial processing, such as the ability to perceive complex figures; the working memory index, which represents the ability to hold information temporarily in mind (similar to short-term memory); and the processing speed index. With the exception of processing speed, which appears scattered throughout the brain, the lesion mapping showed that the other three cognitive indices really do depend on specific brain regions. For example, lesions in the left frontal cortex were associated with lower scores on the verbal comprehension index; lesions in the left frontal and parietal cortex (located behind the frontal lobe) were associated with lower scores on the working memory index; and lesions in the right parietal cortex were associated with lower scores on the perceptual organization index. The study also revealed a large amount of overlap in the brain regions responsible for verbal comprehension and working memory, which suggests that these two now-separate measures of cognitive ability may actually represent the same type of intelligence, at least as assessed using the WAIS. It matters not if they are atheist because of this new type of intelligence or get it because they are atheist – it is a totally different and far more efficient process!!

Payton Payton
I think you should keep her in the school regardless of the religious difference. They have the best academics in the area, why give that up? I hear you on the religious part, because I don't believe in any religion either. I would still send my daughter to a catholic school though. You just need to talk to her and explain that everyone has their own individual beliefs and she should respect that but has the right to disagree. You could also try looking into other schools in the area that are less forceful about religion. My daughter isn't quite 2 yet, but I'll be sending her to montessori.
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Lou Lou
Well, there are other private schools available, not just Catholic ones. But if she's going to a Catholic school then she's going to be taught Catholic doctrine. That's the end of it. You can try to talk to her if you don't agree, but at the end of the day, she's still in a Catholic school and they take it very seriously to try and give the children attending there a good religious education as well as a good academic education. I would recommend you study what the Catholic Church is teaching in the school and why and then decide if you want your child learning this or not. If you don't, then maybe you should find a different private school, but if you don't mind, then let her stay. I do know that just because she isn't Catholic doesn't mean she can't attend, my co-worker is Baptist and went to a Catholic school all throughout her school years. She got a great education and a scholarship to college, but she's still not Catholic. She was not mistreated either, as someone else said. No one looked down on her because of her religion and no one looked down on others for their lack of religion. Yes, children can be mean, but that's children. I went to a public school and was told I was backwards and my mother was a bad mother because she didn't want me in Sex Ed. in sixth grade. Why, at eleven years old, would I need such an education on condoms, birth control and STDs? When my mother refused to put me in the class, they placed me with the "special ed" students because they didn't have another option for me. They even called my mother first to try and get her to agree to placing me in the class. No matter where you go, you will be taught things that you don't agree with. I was taught that abortion was okay, that birth control was being smart and that having sex before marriage and at a young age was perfectly fine. But it's not what I believed then and it's not what I believe now. But I was in a public school and so I had to abide by what they taught. The same thing here.
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Jaylen Jaylen
you sincerely need to make up your mind about this & before you start her in school;; she is going to be very confused if you can't figure this out for her;; she goes to the school, she is expected to participate, & there is no law that can reinforce your beliefs on the school;; if you can't respect the religion ( I don't mean to change your's), then you will only be confusing her in this situation;; you need to find a non-religious private school or a school that follows your religion;; the only other option you have is to open your own school or teach your child @ home what the public schools are missing;; you want your cake & eat it too;; oh, another thing you could do is to get involved with your public school & try to get them to implement some of the things the private school has;; I went to private school; I thought the same when I was very young about the kids who were non-catholic, that religion choice should not interfere with education, but I grew up & realized there are rules, obligations, beliefs, that a facility offers & you know this well in advance of signing up.. by the way, I did not realize how good of an education I had until I was out & how EASY it was to travel on from there because of the reputation of the school;; but again, i am catholic & did believe what was taught to me by the school/church & my family;; are you afraid your daughter may rub off on you?? are you afraid that you may be influenced by her school?? why be so scared;; one thing they teach you is respect for religion & not just their's;; they don't make you memorize scripture;; but they don't expect you to be critical of the religion;; you can get tossed for that;; & they do expect her to go through the Catholic rites, like baptism, confirmation, eucharistic celebration, reconciliation.... either way you decide, make sure you're doing it for the right reasons.. not so easy explaining your hypocrisy to your daughter...good luck!!
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Galahad Galahad
Well if the school doesn't give her too much trouble about not going to church and as long as she passes all her classes (religion included) I see no harm in letting her stay there. I went grades 1-5 in a Catholic school and had some friends there that were other religions. It's just tougher for the parents to make sure their child understands the role of religion and what you want to teach the child about religion. At 4yrs old probably a difficult task. I'm assuming your 4yr old is in a catholic daycare as most kindergarten doesn't start till later.
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Deonte Deonte
i personally wouldnt have enrolled her to begin with. i am not saying that their beliefs are wrong, i just dont like it when others beliefs are pushed on me. id maybe let her stay in through kindergarten, just to see how she does. if she continues to be bright and excel, then odds are she will flourish anywhere you put her. so you could take her out and put her in a normal, non religous school and she would probably still do very well. she may not get the spanish and french right off the bat, but that doesnt mean she will do any worse in life or anything, ya know? YOU also shouldnt have to deal with the naggy parents, and all their "dont you want her to go to heaven?" stuff. YOUR her parent, you get to decide what she knows about religion. so this whole situation isnt fair to your daughter because she has to sit through classes that bore her, and you have to deal with the parents. my suggestion is let her stay for kindergarten, see how she does. if it continues to be an issue, take her out
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Benett Benett
It's confusing to your daughter to have you support a school, they teach her something and then she finds it's not what you believe. I believe her spiritual well being is more important than academics. It's only going to get more difficult for her. The school sees a problem as well. The christian schools in our area require that the family share the beliefs of the church in order for the child to attend. That solves the problem of conflicting beliefs. I wonder why your daughters school doesn't believe this way. You should put her in a secular school where she will be taught to worship nothing worldly things. That way she can get her academics without growing spiritually. I'm sorry you feel this way. I pray you will come to know the Truth....not religion, but the Truth.
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Abbot Abbot
i would let her keep going there. after she gets a good education she can believe whatever she want. u should tell her not to mention stuff like the fact that she isn't going to church or doesn't believe in god to all the other kids, because i think that when the teacher get frustrated. i don't think teachers like that they spend all this time teaching the kids about god and then one of there peers tells them its not true, u no wat i mean? thats probably y u have been getting these calls. Sooo i think u should let ur daughter go there (unless u find a waaay better school in the area) and just tell her not to mentionn her beliefss unless she isspecifically asked which i doubt a teacher would ask since they no u she isnt Catholic. watever u do remeber that if ur daughter doesnt get a good educations she wont b able to have a good life, and isnt that wat every parnet wants, for ur child to grow up and have a good life? so basicly wat i am saying is take her out of that school only if u find a better school. ~hope this helps
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Abbot Originally Answered: A catholic religious question?
Why did you wait until this late at night to do your homework? 1) Song of Songs http://www.usccb.org/nab/bible/songs/son... 2)1Peter1 1 Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the chosen sojourners of the dispersion 2 in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia, 2 in the foreknowledge of God the Father, through sanctification by the Spirit, for obedience and sprinkling with the blood of Jesus Christ: may grace and peace be yours in abundance. 3)http://www.usccb.org/nab/bible/matthew/m... 4)? 5)http://www.usccb.org/nab/bible/deuterono... 6) http://www.usccb.org/nab/bible/wisdom/wisdom1.htm#v1 1 Love justice, you who judge the earth; think of the LORD in goodness, and seek him in integrity of heart; 2 Because he is found by those who test him not, and he manifests himself to those who do not disbelieve him.

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