What is the biggest problem the world (as a whole) faces today?

What is the biggest problem the world (as a whole) faces today? Topic: What is a research statement of problem
July 16, 2019 / By Bethel
Question: In your opinion... ''I don't suffer fools'' if you have anything you would like to say to me then please feel free to say it directly and publicly here or in your question which I answered. Let me remind you that racism cuts both ways and that if you insult Britain or any other country which hosts you then you should expect a negative reaction from patriotic Britons (French/Germans?Spanish/Americans..etc). As myself and several others told you in our answers to your question, if you don't appreciate Britain and all the benefits it offers immigrants (in terms of healthcare, democracy, employment opportunities) then you are free to leave... I'm not responding to your emails because I have nothing to hide, so if there's anything you want to discuss we can do that publicly and aside from that I think that everyone else should be able to contribute to any debates started.. that's the point of a site like yahoo answers!
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Aggye Aggye | 2 days ago
"THE RISE OF ISLAM" Yeah I know I'm going to get a lot of flak from that bold statement but darlin for 22 months now I've been looking into this and believe me they are an insidious lot. There are none so blind as those who will not see; and it seems to me that there are very few people who are looking at this. It is in our face daily and 80% of the population are looking away. I could fill reams and reams of pages full of information to qualify my statement but then who the hell would spend the time looking at that when they won't even look at what is in front of them daily. I would suggest you visit this site: "TheReligionofPeace.com" You don't have to bookmark it or stay on it but you have to see it to understand what I'm speaking about. There are other sites concerning this problem the world is threatened with but they are not as good as this site and these people on "TheReligionofPeace.com" are not a rant. They simply record what has been going on in the Islamic world and they do so with factual statements and they give you their sources. They give you the sites to go research for yourself where they got their information. They do not give opinions but report facts unbiased. Try it. It won't hurt you but it may frighten you if you delve into the information they report.
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Aggye Originally Answered: What is the biggest problem in the world today?
The world's biggest problem is the false "superiority" of idealism over realism. The world will be a better place, especially an unrecognizably more peaceful place, when people reject utopian schemes and ideological concepts in favor of an alert appreciation for reality. What am I doing about it? Teaching the young to live under the radar of the thought police as well as the importance to their own survival of keeping their soul alive through realistic appreciation of art -- newspaper article about my program -- www.mapsgroup.org/urban_coyotes.htm I'm conducting a small session here in Hot Springs, SD, this very week, it is "work in progress" for me.
Aggye Originally Answered: What is the biggest problem in the world today?
I can't for sure say what the BIGGEST problem is, but I see many big problems. As a 17 year old, there isn't much I can do. Aids is a shame. I know what causes it. People try to say it's underage or premarital sex. True, abstinence would solve the problem, unless your married to a man (or woman) who cheats on you, gets aids, and then gives it to you. But Abstinence couldn't be farther from human nature and it just isn't going to happen. The vast majority will have sex underage. So obviously we need a different solution. I wouldn't say I'm a republican, and I certainly wouldn't say I was a democrat. I'm my own, moderate thing. I wouldn't call Bush pure evil either. But he is pushing for an abstinence movement that teaches kids to be abstinent INSTEAD of teaching them how the reproductive process works, what products can reduce the risk of STDs and pregnancy, etc. The method of teaching the process and prevention, known as contraception, is what's going to reduce the spread of aids, as well as many other such problems. Contraception is the solution. But, at 17, there's little I can do to help in the matter. I don't sit back and do nothing. I express my views, back it up with proof, answer questions such as these on yahoo... but I have no money, no power, and no voice on the issue. I'm not even old enough to vote. I go on saying contraception is the answer, but those who already agree simply agree and continue to do nothing, and those who don't agree ignore me. They don't hear me out, they don't check their facts, they don't care at all.

Tikvah Tikvah
Racism. Xenophobia. Bigotry. Human Rights abuses. Lies. Corruption. False reporting. And people with a lot to say and no conviction to follow it up when given the chance. There are wider forums for your views and you have been offered the opportunity. What are you waiting for Ellie ?? The chance of live radio talkback listened to online all over the globe. Or feeling safe by a few thumbs ups from likeminded racists on an anonymous avatar ID. I dont suffer such fools Ellie ! But I am amazed you are not sickened nor even bothered by the evidence of UK government approved staff members beating abusing and neglecting women and children in detention. Which says SHAME on Britain. The country you are so proud of ?? Your audience awaits you out there Ellie ! Speak out. Speak up. Your responses have been forwarded far and wide. People want to hear your voice now !
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Ralph Ralph
continued israeli occupation of 3 countries and continued for more occupations either a lands or humans even olive trees of occupied human and the unexpected respond for silent UN justice organisations and unfaire USA congress
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Ralph Originally Answered: The biggest problem in the world?
It's not humans, but human nature. We all have feelings of love, compassion, greed, hate, lust, anger, fear, etc. I think it's the lack of self-control over those emotions that creates those big problems in the world. So I guess the problem to solve is how to learn/teach each other to regain control over our negative natural instincts and accentuate the positive.

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