Why did I get 28 e-mails from Yahoo answers when I only got 3 best answers?

Why did I get 28 e-mails from Yahoo answers when I only got 3 best answers? Topic: Index case sincerely yours
June 24, 2019 / By Adriane
Question: Yesterday - 8/24, I got like 28 e-mails from Yahoo!Answers - but for the same 3 Best Answers. What gives? Is it fixed?
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Best Answers: Why did I get 28 e-mails from Yahoo answers when I only got 3 best answers?

Tex Tex | 10 days ago
I'm pretty sure it's a publicity stunt to get on all the networks and generate buzz for Y!A. But in case it's something else, you can report it as spam here, off of this link, http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/spam/... which may help escalate the issue. Here's the log link http://messages.answers.yahoo.com/answer... Best of luck! TGIF! (BTW, do you hear that? Yes. It's silence. No more emails. There's a cease fire in effect.) Seriously, here's the latest from the forum: "Hi everyone, We have been experiencing some problems with the notification emails for best answer, and we are completely stopping them for the time being. You'll still be credited for your best answers. We just won't be sending out the notifications for them until we have this fixed. Please let us know if you're still noticing any strange activity. Thank you for your patience, and we sincerely regret any inconvenience we have caused due to this problem." And now it's fixed!
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Often it is the simple questions that are picked to appear on the 'Best Of Answers',not necessarily the most intriguing or complex.Currently one of the questions being showcased is..."What is the deepest part of the sea?",a question that you would think most people would know the answer to, but in fact may not be so.I once had a question that was featured and it was "What are some tips for making the perfect barbecue?"I suspect that it was picked because it was Summertime in the U.S. when many people were outdoors firing up their grill.The questions featured are often seasonal like that,Halloween questions will be featured at Halloween time etc.One requires a bit of luck to be chosen,to hope that the Yahoo! staff come across your question and decide to use it.Your questions should be interesting and have a broad appeal,something that many people often wondered about but don't necessarily know the answer to.If you think that you asked a question that meets these requirements, you can email the staff and ask them to have a look at your question for consideration to the "Best Of Answers' Your question should also have gotten at least one or two very good responses.This method worked for someone in the past,so you never know,it just might work for you.(I assumed in my answer that you were interested in making it onto this section) ◘
Tex Originally Answered: What makes a question so good that it ends up in the 'Best of Answers' on the yahoo answers front page?
That is something a user can't influence, it's the Yahoo Team which decides what may be interesting enough to get displayed on the front page.

Placid Placid
Nope. I'm getting about 150 mails an hour for the same 15 correct answers. It's really starting to piss me off, too.
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Mahlon Mahlon
Hey i got total 497 best answer notification. I am really mad at yahoo ppl now. Damn, Still my total points as of now is 1631(If all best answer notifications were worth 10 pts u wud've got 4970 points) Blimey yahoo's full of glitches. They are actually notifying without reason Cmon, i really got tired of deleting those notification, too tired that i dont even care for best answer anymore
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