Colleges that support students with ADD/ADHD?

Colleges that support students with ADD/ADHD? Topic: Cover letter contract work
May 23, 2019 / By Sly
Question: I want to go to college, but I don't know how well I will do there since I have bad ADD.. What kind of benefits do colleges offer students with ADD/ADHD if any? What kind of college should a person with ADD/ADHD look for?
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Orson Orson | 7 days ago
All public colleges are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. They provide reasonable accommodations to an otherwise qualified student with a disability. Unlike k-12 though, after being admitted to the college, you have to separately register with the campus disability accommodations office to obtain these reasonable accommodations. In college, the accommodations office cannot seek out students and/or a professor cannot refer students. These actions are a violation of privacy at college. So you must (if not already) be very comfortable publicly self-identifying yourself as a person with a disability and self-advocating. Otherwise no office at any college provides benefits. Then each semester you are at the college, you will give the office a copy of your schedule. The staff of this office will determine what accommodations you are eligible to obtain. In order to obtain these accommodations, your professors will have to sign off on a prepared letter, which you are responsible for taking around to them. Returning it to the accommodations office turns it into a binding legal contract between you, the professor, and the office. As long as you are enrolled in that course for that semester, that professor must provide the specific accommodation which the office determined you are eligible to receive because of a disability covered under ADA. There is a very important difference between a k-12 IEP and the college-level standard of reasonable accommodation. In college, you are going to perform the same exact academic curriculum as required for a college student without disabilities. But you are allowed to receive accommodations to the structural format in which this same curriculum is presented to you. College students are allowed to take tests in a quiet room, obtain handouts with larger print, tape record lectures, get a note-taker if they cannot write fast enough..etc. Because a college does not have to admit and/or educate all people without disabilities, it does not have to admit and educate all people with disabilities either. Only the people capable of their standard of work are retained. As for type of college, you should (like students without a disability) consider what type of degree you are potentially interested in obtaining. What subject are you interested in studying? What do you want to get your college degree in? Then apply to the schools with the best academic programs in these areas. If it's a public college/university, it has to have an office for students with disabilities. This office is not an 'extra' for the public colleges/universities--they are legally required to have it.
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Len Len
I'm in college, and have wocked bad ADD. I take 60mg of adderall in the morning and 30mg in the afternoon. All colleges will work with you when it comes to disabilities. Usually you get more time for tests and quizzes, and many schools have departments set up to help. It definitely makes it all more manageable.
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