Need help please on 3 questions?

Need help please on 3 questions? Topic: Research on the value of homework
June 26, 2019 / By Murphy
Question: 1. the role of citizen does NOT include A. using public services B. voting C. producing goods D. paying taxes 2. those who sell directly to concumers are A. advertisers B. retailers C. volunteers D. workers 3. A place to live is a(n)... A. need B. standards C. values D. want thank you so much for ur help
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Best Answers: Need help please on 3 questions?

Kennard Kennard | 5 days ago
1. Should be "D", but it's "C" 2. "B" 3. "A" Now go do your own homework. In the time it took for you to turn on the computer, post the question, and get a reply, you could have researched this on your own.
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