Solution for my 13 year old son's behaviour problem?

Solution for my 13 year old son's behaviour problem? Topic: Interesting topics to write about for a school newspaper
June 26, 2019 / By Louie
Question: My son is 13 years old, his IQ is in the border line, he cannot follow class instructions properly. He has a habit of keeping his favourite things as a memory such as his favourite shirt,toy,picture from newspaper. He has a bad habit of lying. Which makes him get accused even if he's telling a truth and everybody keeps blaming him. In that time he doesn't have the ability to protest because he has a low self-esteem.He doesn't want to follow my instructions but he wants to live his life in his irregular way,so he gets shouted at school and home but he doesn't protest. He has a very bad bed time routine, i.e. he sleeps at around 2 or 3 am and when theres no school wakes up at 11:30am. And when hes asleep its very difficult to wake him up. And when he goes to the washroom for a shower, it takes him to shower and wipe up for about 50 minutes.And most of the time he is interested in sexual activities by himself. Besides all that, he is very polite and gentle and hes also very skilled according to fix instruments suchs fixing fan regulators to work the fan,fixing furniture,fixing lamps etc. He was little bit slow in learning according to his age, until the age of 6-7 years old of his life he followed all my instructions except for studying but After 6-7 years of his age he started to show the above mentioned problems. While studying he does not pay attention rather asks questions which are off-topic. From his childhood, when any guests usedto come to our house he refused to show up and usually stay alone in his room.
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Jaylin Jaylin | 2 days ago
hi nazma,i am very close to hearing the story of my daughter who had the same behavour pattern,i wrote down the small things she done and the bad things,never raised my hand to her just took the good's and bad's to the doctors and it was depression,at that age there is alot on there minds,i would suggest medical advice to make life easier for him and you as well,best of luck
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Gale Gale
Get rid of the junk foods, foods flooded with sugar,etc. Get rid of the computer and video games, especially the games depicting violence. Get you son off the couch and into some sports, wrestling classes, karate classes. They will help redirect alot of the emotions he is having and teach discipline. Biologically, he is going through a storm of emotions. He couldn't get you a reason why he is feeling this way right now, except for the generic excuse that he feels he should be able to get whatever he wants and should be able to do whatever he wants. Most likely you hear 'I don't know' when you ask him why he's so moody. Choose your battles. Provide structure and discipline. Do not give into your son if he is constantly demanding things just to 'keep the peace'. Seeing a counselor will also help by serving as a 'go-between' in trying to help your son through this transition. Try remembering what it was like when you were at that age. And don't say you never went through something like that, we all have. Testing limits, wanting to get our way, thinking that we were 'adults' and could 'take care of ourselves', being angry at everyone and everything and not being able to explain why. Puberty is and always will be a real pain in the ***. Good Luck.
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Derby Derby
I think the problem with issues like this, is that people try to hard to make him fit the 'average'. And that, that's also causing him to rebel against things. Plus some of his problems(masturbation, going to sleep too late, sleeping too long, taking too long in the shower) are down to being a teenager, all teens do that. Key to make things better, are to let him do what he does well. And, since he'll need to do some things of course, praise the good he does, and ignore the bad. Kids, deep down, just want to be noticed, if you give off the signal, that the 'good' gets rewarded, and the 'bad' gets ignored, he'll start behaving better, but you should remember, to praise the things he does well, and the things he loves to do. That should make things a lot better.
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Benjamin Benjamin
Sounds like hes depressed to me.. Talk to him about it Answer mine please ? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111126075302AAVMGcJ
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