Art A-level, Help please?

Art A-level, Help please? Topic: dissertation work
July 16, 2019 / By Chasity
Question: For my Dissertation I'm studying artists that have created work that has not always been accepted in our democratic society, can you help me give some examples. I've already used these artists: Banksy, Andre Serrano and Jean-Michel Basquiat (Not a long list, I know!) When mentioning artists can you please explain why their works caused controversy. Thanks!
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Arleen Arleen | 10 days ago
Duchamp's Fountain. It was controversial because not only did they find a urinal offensive, but also because he didn't really do anything to it. He just signed a urinal and called it art. Also, The Holy Virgin Mary by Chris Ofili. It's a portrait of the Virgin Mary painted in elephant dung and surrounded by the rear ends of women from porno mags. It's pretty obvious why this one offended people. Hope those helped. Good Luck on your dissertation!
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Zebulon Zebulon
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Silvester Silvester
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