Should I go to Susquehanna University or St. Lawrence University?

Should I go to Susquehanna University or St. Lawrence University? Topic: Concerns about writing academically
July 17, 2019 / By Gemariah
Question: Currently, Susquehanna University is giving me more money in scholarships, a spot on their soccer teams, and they are one of the few schools that has Publishing and Editing as a minor (I want to be a book editor so I feel this is a major pro). On the other hand, St. Lawrence is a much better school academically and is more prestigious. Although it is a lot more expensive than Susquehanna, they do throw in some nice perks like free laundry (which is pretty big for a future college student). So, where should I go? Ok for all of you who were making a big deal about the free laundry being a big factor, I thought you would have been able to detect sarcasm a little bit better... Ok for all of you who were making a big deal about the free laundry being a big factor, I thought you would have been able to detect sarcasm a little bit better...
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Digby Digby | 4 days ago
Have you visited both campuses? If you haven't, take the time over the next couple of weekends to visit both! One campus will feel more like home than the other. Finding the right college isn't all about finding the right major or free laundry - it's about finding a good fit for you. Both Susquehanna and St. Lawrence are liberal arts institutions so you will be exposed to a variety of classes that will prepare you for your future. What's just as important is finding faculty who support you, students you can imagine seeing yourself with for the next four years, and being somewhere that inspires you! Based on what you wrote, it sounds like you are leaning towards Susquehanna - you like the opportunities you'll have there more. I am a SLU grad who majored in English and I'd like to point out that you can take courses, work with faculty, do on-campus internships, etc. to get the experience you're looking for in publishing and editing (even though SLU doesn't have that specific minor). Employers today are far more concerned with your work and internship experiences than they are with your majors and minors. So, no matter where you go - you'll want to keep that in mind and get some good experience under your belt before graduating. Another thing to think about, as another person who answered pointed out, is the cost. I had a full ride to another college and still picked St. Lawrence because it felt like home for me. Today, I have student loans I pay monthly and will be for the next few years but I'm so thankful for my experiences as a student and all St. Lawrence brought to my life that it's worth paying that bill every month. I know most of my classmates feel the same way. It sounds like you will have student loans no matter where you go, so you'll want to pick a school that you love so much, you feel the way I do and don't really mind paying those monthly bills; you'll want the cost to be worth it. I can't speak to Susquehanna's alumni network but St. Lawrence's is among the strongest I know of. Alumni are always looking for ways to help current students and other alumni with job opportunities and summer employment. They also remain very active with St. Lawrence and often volunteer at a variety of events throughout the year on behalf of SLU. It's a great community to be a part of - and one that will support you for the rest of your life. (That's my St. Lawrence plug - sue me!) This all comes back to what YOU'RE comfortable with. Location, campus, classes, students, faculty, food, cost, etc. There are so many things to consider! Please visit the campuses and then think about everything both places offer and what fits you, what you want, and what you hope to get out of the next four years. I gather you already have an inkling on where you want to go, so follow your gut. That's what I did, and I have never once regretted doing so. Best of luck!
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Blaine Blaine
St. Lawrence is not a *lot* more prestigious than Susquehanna. In the great scheme of things, neither is very prestigious, but both are solid, and you'll get a good education either way. Free laundry should be the last reason you choose a college. You're paying a lot and giving over four years of your life--if you want the Publishing and Editing minor, that's where you should go. Also, entry-level jobs in publishing don't pay a lot to start, so you want to have less debt. I would go with Susquehanna and pack a few rolls of quarters.
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