Poll: Are you pro bipartisan stimulus package or not?

Poll: Are you pro bipartisan stimulus package or not? Topic: Long term goals for a business plan
July 19, 2019 / By Everitt
Question: Excerpts from the AP (Associated Press) that I found interesting: 1. "Some say we're moving too quickly to pass this legislation. I say this legislation is long overdue," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. "We simply cannot wait." "Another week that we delay is another 100,000 or more people unemployed. I don't think we want that on our consciences," added David Obey, D-Wis., chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. 2. Rep. Jerry Lewis of California, suggested that Democrats were putting politics over progress. "It's not too late to make this a better bill, a bipartisan bill," Lewis said. 3. Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said "where we have differences with the House Democrats is that the package just doesn't seem to reflect our priorities, nor the president's." 4. In his remarks, Obama called on everyone to abandon a "sense of irresponsibility that prevailed from Wall Street to Washington." And he said his administration would make certain the money would be spent in full view of the public, with ways to check where it goes and how it will be used — a nod to skepticism about the "size and scale" of the plan. He left no doubt that he means to see it signed into law, and quickly — and that he thinks those who stand in the way will suffer the wrath of angry voters. "All we can do, those of us in Washington, is help create a favorable climate in which workers can prosper, businesses can thrive, and our economy can grow," Obama said. "And that's exactly what I intend to achieve - soon." I think President Obama should err on the side of caution in seeking bipartisan approval. Put politics aside for once and "think" long and hard about the long term effects their decision making will have on the American people.
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Cortney Cortney | 5 days ago
Bipartisan consensus is fundamental to the integrity of representative government. The goal and purpose of political parties is to maintain constructive tension in discussing the peoples business. Our political challenge is a general lack of education in Industrial and Technical Economics. Congressional Leaders and Voters continue to attempt to legislate where there is limited knowledge or understanding. Basic principals as being exploited and value ignored. The influence of the well connected special interests are corrupting the moral imperatives of managing public resources.
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Cortney Originally Answered: How does the Economic Stimulus Package work?
what ever you get 600 , 300, or 1200 , will be deducted from your refund next year . this is nothing more then a advancement on your 2008 tax refund
Cortney Originally Answered: How does the Economic Stimulus Package work?
Your refund has no impact on your rebate. Under the compromise bill passed by the Senate, you would be eligible to receive a rebate of up to $600 if you paid that much in Federal Income Tax. If you only paid $350 in taxes (less than the $600 rebate limit), you only get back $350. If you had earned income of at least $3000, you would get at least the minimum rebate of $300. While the rebate depends on your 2007 income, it is actually a rebate toward your 2008 taxes. According to the proposed plan, in 2008, taxes would be cut from 10 percent to zero percent on the first $6,000 dollars of taxable income for individual taxpayers. It's like a one time tax cut for 2008, but you get the rebate now instead of waiting to file your 2008 taxes. Because this is an advance payment on your 2008 taxes, your refund next year could be more (or less!) depending on your 2008 income.
Cortney Originally Answered: How does the Economic Stimulus Package work?
The refund and rebate are totally seperate. Between may and July they will mail you a check with your name on it. There is no website..just news reports.

Asaf Asaf
well i do think they should spend more time revising it and to make sure that every penny is well spent. and actually being invested into the economy. but what i am concerned about is the republicans. they dont support it and pointed out the flaws, instead of ghetting upset and emotional they need to sit with democrats and the president and come out with something that everyone can agree to. if they see flaws they need to make sure they can correct them so nothing goes worng this is to show that if something goes wrong with the stimulus plan is gonna be their fault one for not help fixing it and 2 for letting it go out like that knewing that it had something wrong with it they all need to act as a team not see who is better or makes better decisions thats why they lost the elections. but thats my opinion though.
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Asaf Originally Answered: What happens if Obama stimulus package fails?
Has everyone forgotten that the Bush Stimulus package offered last year, which was based on tax rebates, cuts to encourage business investment, and of course, mortgage assistance, pretty much what Republicans are insisting on now. Last years bill ran to 168 billion and it was supposed to have started to reverse the economic slide by the second half of 2008. Just about when the recession hit hard. So much for tax cuts stimulating the economy. What I find most amazing is the rather short memory that voters have. The November election was a referendum on policies such as cutting taxes. The reason they failed is that no one can force someone who gets a tax cut to spend it. And this is exactly what occurred. Those who got checks either paid off old debt, or saved the money. Very few spent it and those who did bought stuff that will only create jobs in China, where the stuff they bought was made. Before a word of the stimulus package was written, the majority of economists said that it would have to be large. At least 800 Billion and more like a trillion to be effective. They said it should be a mix of tax cuts and government spending with government spending making up the largest portion. This was the opinion of the majority of economists. In light of the failure of the last stimulus package, the idea that tax cuts are going to do it has lost all credibility.
Asaf Originally Answered: What happens if Obama stimulus package fails?
Really depends on how it fails. If it sputters along, many will call that failure, but many will give him credit. He then may get reelected. If the economy tanks, then he is probably out. If we get another terrorist hit, and Obama is smart and has a justifiable response that is well planned and executed well, then he may even survive our economy tanking. If the economy shows growth, then he will probably retain his job. The biggest point I want to make, is so far I have not heard any of you come up with a viable alternative. I really want to hear from you about that, but so far all I get is partisan junk. As far as pulling a Hail Mary, no he's not. He has surrounded himself with people far more knowledgeable then him about the nuances of the economy. No president can know all, that is why they have advisers and cabinet officials. I believe he is trying to do the best thing he can do for the economy, knowing full well it will not please everybody, and he is willing to take the heat to get it done. Peace Jim .

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