Explain insufficient funds?

Explain insufficient funds? Topic: How to write a short business letter
June 24, 2019 / By Elam
Question: I just got a letter from my bank saying that i have insufficient funds and that 30 dollars is charged on my account. it also said that the check is returned, but the check for my bill was already a $0 balance since i called them and asked if i paid my bill. I wanna know how i pay for the charges on my account. it also said that the checks returned is flagged (R) and the check i sent was flagged (R)
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Carlisle Carlisle | 6 days ago
It means that you did not have enough money in your bank account to fully pay the check that you wrote. The bank charges you a fee anytime this happens called an insufficient funds (NSF) fee. Sometimes the bank will go on and pay the check for you and push your account in to the negative the amount of the NSF fee and the amount that your account was short. Other times, like in this instance, the bank will return the check to the person that cashed it. When you check is returned, the bank will take out the NSF fee from your account, and if you account balance it is not sufficient, this will push your account into the negative for the balance. The bank will take the fee out of your next deposit. When a check is returned, the business that you paid by check will get it back and will remove the credit to your account. They will also usually charge you a returned check fee as well. You will need to call your creditor, tell them that you have a returned check coming to them and inquire what the new balance is with the returned check fee. The business that you paid will then most likely only accept cash, a money order or a cashier's check for the amount that you now owe and will most likely refuse to accept any more personal checks from you.
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Allaster Allaster
The next time money goes into your account the bank will take out the charges. If you don't put money in the bank will send another letter out then just go up and pay telling them what the money is for the charge. If you know you will not be putting money in soon just go up and pay the fee.
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Tawnee Tawnee
It means you don't have enough money in your account to pay your bill. I think you should call/pay over the phone or actually physically go to the bank and pay for it.
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