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May 23, 2019 / By Antony
Question: Anyone ever watch the show, Unsolved Mysteries? I remember there was once a case where some guy picked up a hitchhiker early one morning. The hitchhiker turned violent and threatened the driver with a knife. The driver managed to escape from the hitchhiker and the driver drove off in the opposite direction of his intended destination just to throw the hitchhiker off. When the driver finally decided it was safe to go home, he ends up finding that the hitchhiker is in his yard and the driver ends up just driving to the local police department. Well, it turns out the driver's mother was in the house and she was found stabbed to death. This episode really stood out in my mind. Does anyone know where I can see this episode again? I can't even find it listed on Unsolved Mysteries website.
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Treasure Treasure | 7 days ago
Eek!!!! I used to watch Unsolved Mysteries all the time but I don't remember that one. That's REALLY creepy! That show was the best, though. I was little and I used to watch every Wednesday night and get the crap scared out of me.
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Sal Sal
Damn. I used to watch that show. Just the music and the narrator freaked me out. Search " delaware hitchhiker unsolved mysteries" youll find a clip on like poetv.com i think.
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Nichola Nichola
I used to seriously love that show. I watched it all the time when I was growing up :) Unfortunately, I don't know the name of that episode. O_O But it sounds pretty freaky.
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