Probation Early Discharge and one Violation?

Probation Early Discharge and one Violation? Topic: No one to write letters of recommendation
July 18, 2019 / By Oonagh
Question: I have been on Probation for almost a year since May 29, 2012. I was convicted of felonious assault and sentenced to two years Probation. My Probation Officer says I am up for an initial discharge review. My Probation officer told me that it is up to the judge. I have had one probation violation were I was sentenced to 14 days in jail and continued Probation. It was related to a no contact order with the victims. The victims being my parents. The No Contact order with the victims was removed because my parents wrote a letter to the court requesting the judge to remove the no contact order and that is what the judge did. How likely is it that the judge will agree with my probation officer's recommendation for early discharge. What happens if I violate probation again? How much jail time would I be looking at? What is the judge looking at for an early discharge?
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Maggie Maggie | 1 day ago
If those are the circumstances and you havent had ANY other violations, and your PO is recommending it and will give you a glowing recommendation, you have a good shot of getting off. If you want to get off, don't violate again, but if you do it would depend on the severity of the violation.
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Maggie Originally Answered: 2nd probation violation?
Regarding your first question. Worst case scenario your request to add your time served would be denied and you would have to fulfill your full probation sentence plus any time they tack on for your violation. There's always the possibility that the court could revoke your probation, extend it, and/or order you to complete a drug rehabilitation program. Best case scenario, is they accept your request and you would simply just have to finish your current probation time. Regarding your second question, there is absolutely no way that scenario would ever work out favorably for you. Violating your probation and fleeing the court's jurisdiction would only add to your probation violation as you would be (at best) in contempt of court and at worst escaping prosecution. This would only add to your sentence, no matter how well you did while you were gone.
Maggie Originally Answered: 2nd probation violation?
This Site Might Help You. RE: 2nd probation violation!? In Oct. 2010 I was put on 3yrs Formal probation. I have 1yr ,1month left. Yesterday I gave a dirty drug test. It's going to be my 2nd Violation. I have 2 quick questions. #1: If was to do the time for the violation & asked that the remaining time I had left on probation be added, how long...
Maggie Originally Answered: 2nd probation violation?
2nd question no way, 1st depends where you stay my 2nd violate was for 30 days but i never pissed test me the judge knew it took me a couple violations before i got clean & stayed clean {off mary j} but dont run you will make your problems bigger an worse 1st the judge wont like it if you ignored YOUR responsibilty 2nd he will probably just give you the remainder of your sentence instead of probation 3rd if you run you will always be looking over your shoulder believe me it aint worth it do what you gotta do take care of it

Keshia Keshia
you may constantly attempt, yet , believe me, your possibilities are high somewhat unfavorable. The states are unwell and tired of listening to how a suspension or however is such an excuse or reasons a lot of problems. evaluate what share all of us is scraped off a windshield each twelve months in an accident brought about via DUI. in case you may, it;s going to co$t you!
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Keshia Originally Answered: Probation violation and hit and run?
Well, for one, I wouldn't stress so much, especially if your P.O. is pulling for you. The fact that you are shows you acknowledge the mistake & don't wish to compound it. This is good. You have remorse for your actions, accidental or otherwise. Although the fact that you left the scene without talking to the owner of the car shows you are still a bit irresponsible. This isn't so good. I'd suggest keeping your nose clean (which I'm sure you are trying!) Because the car owner doesn't wish to press charges, your P.O. may be able to stop the Violation of Probation charge, if not you'll likely get a "slap on the wrist". Ask your P.O. about the letters of recommendation - if they will help with leniency. Hopefully you have already told your probation officer that you realize what you did was irresponsible, but you were scared - lesson learned - will not happen again. I hope those reading this do not forget they were young once too & prone to "stupid" mistakes due to lack of understanding responsibility. Judge not lest ye be judged.
Keshia Originally Answered: Probation violation and hit and run?
it extremely is exactly what you should tell the decide. you're enormously lots on the hook right here for a sentence. although, you will be able to desire to very surely lesser you sentence. tell the decide how each and every thing affected your life. tell the decide which you extremely opt to be a efficient member of society returned. tell the decide what steps you will take to enhance your life. I wish you success and need you could turn your life around. you comprehend what fees you have paid interior the previous for errors you have made. be careful with the concepts you're making. good success and be good.

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