How do I write a scene without using his name?Help Please?

How do I write a scene without using his name?Help Please? Topic: Novel help writing a cover
June 26, 2019 / By Bobbie
Question: so Though the thing this character does is essential to the story he isn't that important as a character. I don't want to give him a name because giving away his identity would ruin the scene but I can't figure out how to get around using a name when its from his point of veiw in third person. It's only in his pov for the prologue. How do I get around using a name? I'm afraid using "He" sounds to redudndant. Help please!!!
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Alanis Alanis | 2 days ago
For the first three chapters (about 6,000 words) of my NaNo WriMo novel, I called my character "the man" and "the girl." Excerpt... The girl's slow chant of "no, no, no" began to slip between her teeth. The man touched her shoulder. "Shh..." He smoothed flyaway hairs from her forehead. "They're not going to hurt you." The girl looked up. Tears clouded her eyes again and she trembled like a dying leaf in the wind. "Oh, for the love of God," the man said with a quiet sigh. "They're not going to hurt you!" He remembered himself too late. The girl dropped his hand and crumpled to the floor, assuming the fetal position. Her hands covered the back of her head and she tilted forward, balancing precariously on her feet. Her forehead nearly touched the carpet. The man crouched down apologetically, lifting her chin with one hand. The girl's face was blotched white and red and her cheeks were damp from tears again. She shrank away from his touch in fear, turning her face away. Be careful when not using characters' names, as it can cause confusion. I felt quite safe as there are only two characters through these chapters, and the girl doesn't know how to speak. (She's feral.)
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Travis Travis
I agree. He gets pretty repatative. Maybe you could use words like: *Figure *Shadow *Man/Guy *Or you could describe your character based on their personality? Ex: If he has no friends, use the word "loner."
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Rees Rees
use like the man was only... or such synonyms as guy (or descriptive talk about what he looked like)
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Maximilian Maximilian
Figure Shadow Man Loner Companion Assistant You know, you'll think of something Please answer mine: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;...
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