What am I doing wrong with my 2 year old son??

What am I doing wrong with my 2 year old son?? Topic: Head case separation
July 18, 2019 / By Hephzi-Bah
Question: I have a 2 year old son he will not play with his toys he will not sit down for more than 5 minutes at a time he will ask me to play ball and I'll try to with him but then he will take off running after just a minute or 2 he seems very frustrated and screams a lot here lately I tried getting down on his level and talking to him but he gets even more mad and start to hit me so whenever he gets upset he just screams and when he does something bad I try putting him in the corner but it makes him so mad he bangs his head against a wall I only put him there for a minute or 2 and I stand right behind him he doesn't want to watch tv and he throws his food a lot but then at the same time it's like he's an extreme mama's boy he follows me all around the house I cant go to the bathroom without him hitting his head so hard on the doors he busted his nose the other day I'm lost I do not know what to do I don't want him hurting himself like this
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Earlene Earlene | 2 days ago
the fact of the matter is even when punishing him you are giving him attention, you are standing directly behind him! It's not punishment its giving him the go ahead to act out in front of you. If you find a quiet area maybe where you can close a baby gate or alternative and seat him there until he remains calm (time out just like you are doing now) eventually he will associate that place with time out (it will however take work) Also If you give into his every whim he knows thats how you tick, despite their lack of intelligence on our level they are still very intelligent little beings :) Ensure that you give him positive attention rather than just attention when and how he demands it. You're the boss remember! With regards to his violent behavior i wouldn't like to recommend anything to do with that, i think you should immediately book an appointment with your health visitor and just explain how worried you are for his safety and how frustrating and stressful it is for you. It could just be an extreme case of the terrible two's but it could also be a behavioral problem or communication problem, both of which would need specialist care. It sounds like he has bad separation skills hence needing to be around you constantly which could be anything from him having poor hearing to autism! But don't panic as these are only extreme examples :) Your health visitor would be able to advice you appropriately though and point you in the right direction. The thing i can see happening here though is you are letting him control you and thats how he is winning, he hits his head, you run over, you try to punish him, he gets angry, you give in. Kids are very manipulative and you need clear strong boundaries otherwise this will continue until a lot later than junior school. A good clear book i recommend is Toddler taming by Dr Christopher Green, its very helpful and not condescending like most books :) Good luck!
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Celestine Celestine
Children are NOT born automatically knowing what to do. He's reaching a 'growing' and 'discovery' stage...........he NEEDS your attention, direction and discipline. He is screaming because he's trying to tell you something but does NOT know how to do tell you. Do NOT allow him to throw food - smack his hands and tell him 'NO!' His attention span is NOT long enough to just sit and play for hours. Putting him in a corner does NOT work. When you're doing your chores - let him help.....kids love this. Give him a few simple chores to do. When you're cooking, pull a chair up next to you and let him help. When you go to the bathroom.............leave the door open and tell him to just stand by the door until your finished...........reward him when he does this - NO junk foods, sodas or sweets. Look around for an indoor play park...........take him there. He can play with other kids his age and you can sit and chat with other mothers. He may just need interaction with others his age....... This is also a great time to begin his education. Buy flash cards; alphabet letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Work with him daily on these. Take him to your nearest public library.
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Annitra Annitra
while i was reading that i thought maybe i had wrote it, lol, it sounds exactly like my 2 year old son, i dont think you have anything to worry about, he is 2, he is developing his own independence and personality, he, and you will be ok. just hang in there this stage will pass
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