Evaluate 64 1/3 ALGEBRA 2?

Evaluate 64 1/3 ALGEBRA 2? Topic: Algebra homework help radicals
July 15, 2019 / By Alline
Question: NEED SOME HELP WITH MY ALGEBRA 2 HOMEWORK HELP ME PLEASE! :D 1.evaluate 125 1/3 2.write 3 2/5 in radical form 3.Simplify -16r exponent of 3 s exponent of 5 OVER 2r exponent of 7 s exponent of 4 4.Write r2/3t1/3 in radical form
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Uzal Uzal | 9 days ago
you will be able to desire to rewrite the variety you're doing the log of as a ability of the backside of the logarithm. log2 8 = log2 2^3 If log 2 2^3 = n then its exponential style is two^n = 2^3 so n is obviously 3 2. log4 sixty 4 = log4 4^3 additionally = 3 3. a million/sixty 4 = a million / 4^3 = 4^-3 so -3 4. 32 = sixteen • 2 = 4^2 • 4^a million/2 = 4^ (2 + a million/2) = 4 ^ 5/2 so 5/2 5. 4 = 2^2 and 2 = the cube root of 8 = 8 ^ a million/3 so 4 = 8 ^ 2/3 so 2/3 6. a million/2 = a million / sixteen^ (a million/4) = sixteen ^ -a million/4 so -a million/4 like that
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