Dad making me join a club at school and I really don't want to?

Dad making me join a club at school and I really don't want to? Topic: Essay on environmental day
July 18, 2019 / By Melantha
Question: My dad is making me join a club at high school. I really do not want to for a couple reasons: 1. I am not the type of guy that likes these "clubs" 2. They are composed of 95% girls I can go down the list of every single club at my school and the description just does not fit me. Here's a small list of possible options: Pep Club: Paint posters to hang up like "basketball game Friday" Student Council: Already tried it, all they do is force you to do activities and decorate the school Key Club: Volunteering, which I already do. It's just volunteering for what the school wants rather than what you want. Yearbook/'Newspaper: I hate writing and really don't like attention......I don't want to see my name on an issue all the time Environmental Rescue: Help the planet.......I guess I could improve but there are no boys in the club at all Chess: Not a big fan at all..... That's really it. The reason I don't want to be in a club with no boys is because I wouldn't know anyone......and I don't yet know of anyone of my friends actually in a club. How can I convince my dad to not make me join a club? I already volunteer also. I have been dreading the day I will have to join a club.
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Leah Leah | 5 days ago
"2. They are composed of 95% girls" Whats the problem? Best reason EVER to join a club, If I was a guy! Aha. I would say environmental rescue would be your best bet. AND it will look great on a resume, you can write essays about what you did when you apply for scholarships, and universities will like it.
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Absolutely it is worth it to ask! All they can say is no, right? The others would probably love to have another member to make it more fun. And worse case scenario, if they can't accept you at this late date maybe you could be some kind of helper such as score keeper. Take the risk. You just might be pleasantly surprised.

Joelle Joelle
Ok, what do you plan to do after you graduate high school? If your ambition is to flip burgers at Jack in the Box, then you don't need to join any clubs. If you are planning to go to college, do you have A+ grades and can your parents or you pay the total costs? My parents nor my self could pay for my college, but I belonged to some clubs during high school. When I started looking around for a college, I found out that there were scholarships available to me, since I had taken part in some of the clubs. I received a partial scholarship in journalism, because I had been on the high school newspaper & year book committee. I was offered a scalar ship to a great school because I had been active with the JROTC at my high school. This may be the reason your dad is pushing you. There may also be a reason of if you join a club/group, you might meet people in your new school easier. There might also be high school credits for being in a club that helps the school. This what colleges are looking for. They want a "well rounded" person, who had the grades, but also showed that they are some what out going. Give one or two clubs a try. You might discover that you really like what you can do inside a club.
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