How much money does the U.S. govt spend on the Canadian border versus the Mexican Border?

How much money does the U.S. govt spend on the Canadian border versus the Mexican Border? Topic: Immigration research paper
June 24, 2019 / By Elfa
Question: I am doing a research paper and I am trying to prove that the U.S. govt is racist towards Hispanics based off of how much money they spend on the Mexican border versus the Canadian border.
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Cheryl Cheryl | 5 days ago
Though, there is illegal immigration by the Canadian border (yes, you wouldn't imagine, huh?). The US has more borders than just Canada and Mexico. There is a lot of illegal immigration by sea. The point being that, on the Mexico side, not just illegal immigration (which has a huge impact in American life) but drugs and smuggling too. It's more isolated, which require more tech (vehicles, surveillance, etc) and more people (which has to be trained). There is more violence with the "coyotes" and drugs mules with fire arms. Just making short, it is a lot more complex to protect the southern border than the Canadian (which happen to be shared with the Canadian RCMP). That's is way requires more funding.
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crossing into mexico is no big deal... you might get revision when you cross but its a quick check and if you have nothing in view, you wont get hassled. they are looking for guns... or ammo. crossing back to the u.s is a diff story... don't have drugs with you when you cross, you will get caught. even small amounts can be detected... they have sniffer dogs walking up and down the lines of cars waiting to cross, dogs at the secondary checkpoints (where they tell you to go so they can go thru your car with a fine tooth comb) and cameras looking for ppl that look guilty! no joke... while mexico is safe, there are things to keep in mind,.. there are stretches along the west coast where there have been highway robberies... traveling during the day is recommended. and one major diff between traveling in the u.s and mexico is that they have these army checkpoints looking for drugs and guns. these guys are notorious thieves... watch them as they go thru your things cuz they can plant drugs to get money out of you or steal. be super polite and never argue with them...esp out in the middle of nowhere. and if you like to party and like to get a little wild, keep a big bill handy in case you need to buy yourself a get out of jail card!
Cheryl Originally Answered: What happens at the Mexican/American border?
At the border 1. get your FM-T (tourist card) at the Migracion (INM) Office. 2. get your temporary vehicle import sticker--make sure you have Mexican auto insurance before this point. Click the first link below. And you should have the car's title in your name. 3. Pass through Customs (Aduana)--if you get a green light, you can keep on driving; red light means that they'll check your car. 4. get pesos at a bank or ATM--Mexican gas stations and highway toll booths don't take dollars. Then you can leave the border town, but you'll hit another Customs (Aduana) checkpoint about 20 miles down the road with another red light/green light set up. Portions of the highways will be toll roads signified by the lettter "D" after the highway number or the word "Cuota". The toll roads will be in the best shape and you can drive the fastest on them. When you're not on a toll road, you have to look out for speed bumps (TOPES)--they can take off a muffler or worse if you hit them too fast.

Ashtaroth Ashtaroth
1. Millions of Canadians aren't trying to cross the border illegally. 2. I trust the Canadian version of the ICE a hell of a lot more than the Mexican version. Occam's Razor, dude. More money is spent on the Mexican border because more money NEEDS to be spent there.
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Zophai Zophai
A research paper for an obvious answer ....Sheeesh!!! A trained toad could work out that affluent Canadian are not piling across the border for less benefits than they get at home
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Zophai Originally Answered: Isakson Urges Action on Border Security, Renews Call for Emergency Supplemental to Secure U.S. Border?
The House passed the bill, and he's talking to the Senate to support it. It bears keeping in mind that the US/Mexico border is actually 2,000 miles long, not 700. Go to the 701st mile, no fence. We'll see if there's sincerity behind it, or not...ball's in the Senate's court, I hope people keep writing and calling. Mexico's not a toy, nor the cabana boy, it's a full-fledged country with all the problems and issues inherent thereto. If we don't want their issues becoming OUR issues, then it's time to build a border that's worth something. It's gotta be done. In 1900, the world's population numbered about 1.4-1.5 billion, depending on who you ask. Today, in 2006, the estimate, the ESTIMATE, an educated guess, is somewhere around 6.6 billion. Mexico, in the same amount of time, is again ESTIMATED to have grown from 14 million to 110 million people. Population-wise, they've matched the United States in growth over the last century. In the last 2 years, some 3 million of their population are again ESTIMATED to have migrated north, en masse. 3 million, in 2 years. CAN Mexico's economy sustain 110 million people? It's doubtful. And, that would probably be why there's such keen interest in moving to the United States. Now, bonus question, can OUR economy sustain an additional 20 million citizens in 5-10 years? That's a biggie, because that would be the approximate development after an amnesty bill were to pass. Be sure to get out, and vote, and write letters. This is a Big Issue, hopefully it gets put at least in part to the lawful citizens and voters in our states, and not just a payola-based decision made in some back room in Washington...

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