Name a good book please?

Name a good book please? Topic: Good boy names for writing a book
May 23, 2019 / By Skye
Question: Okay I'm want a good book to read can you name any? and I've already read the Twilight Series, Harry Potter Series, and many of Elizabeth Scott and Sarah Dessen books. Can you name anything else. Oh and I'm 14 don't name anything that will confuse me please, like Shakespear or any old books like that. I've read the pretty little liars series too and I love Princess Bride awesome book and movie I've also read Crank Glass Burned Impulse all 3 Eragon books The Vampire Acadamey and The Vampire Diaries I read alot
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Piper Piper | 6 days ago
tuesdays with morrie is very...inspirational, i just had to read that, but it's not really the type of book i think u are looking for. if ur into fantasy, try the lotr series (or just start off with the hobbit) i read that in 6th grade so i think u can handle it. try inkheart if ur looking for lighter fantasy, or else the eragon/eldest/whatever series, those were good series of unfortunate events is cute and addicting, a good fun read (if not a bit depressing) try bridget jones's diary, that is hilarious and also addicting! if ur looking for more hp, find the james potter series online (its in pdf). its not published cuz its technically fanfic but its by a respected author, i think his names Lewbert or something like that? my sister said it was good. try the clique or gossip girl books if u like that kind of thing. here are just some more good ones off the top of my head: alice in wonderland and through the looking glass (usually one book), the narnia stories (but u might be too old), the princess diaries (very fun and appropriate for someone your age), avalon high (really good), by meg cabot (of the princess diaries series), wicked (yeah, that musical), the other boelyn girl, treasure island, the bergdorf blondes, the perks of being a wallflower, animal farm (if ur into politics or irony at all), the thief lord, catch me if you can (by frank abagnale, the really good true story, that movie with dicaprio in it), boy meets girl (i think its by meg cabot too, but supposed to be for adults.), juniper (cute story about a young princess/witch), the sweet valley high or university series (they seem cheesy and all that but they are actually very good guilty pleasure books and there are like, a million of them. i often get addicted to them as well), catcher in the rye, the princess bride (i never got around yet to reading it, but i really want to, my favorite movie EVER), pride and predjudice (same deal), the strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde (its actually really short), the things they carried (by tim obrien, a war book), The Great Gatsby, the girl with the pearl earring. i hope that helped, those aren't all the books i like but a great master list! (oh btw, if you're a christian or even if you're not, don't hesitate to read the Bible as literature...it is one of the greatest literary pieces ever written, even according to people who don't take it as a spiritual guide.)
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Piper Originally Answered: What do *you* think makes a book a good book or a well-written book?
I find this is a somewhat difficult, complex question to answer, but I'll give it a try... For me, one of the primary aspects that makes or breaks a book is the characterization, the characters. Books that I truly adore have thoroughly three-dimensional characters, characters who are believable, complex, intriguing. If a book's characters are flat and unbelievable, then I find both them and their story forgettable. Another important aspect of a book that influences my liking for it is the author's language, such as word choice and so forth. I admire an author who knows how to find just the right words to make parts of his or her book sound witty and perhaps even humorous while also keeping it intelligent. For example, I just finished reading some books written by L. Sprague de Camp, and in reading those books de Camp has become one of my favorite authors -- L. Sprague de Camp uses language that keeps his stories and their characters both witty and profound, and to me that makes de Camp and the stories he tells very memorable. On the other hand, I have read books written in manners that make them seem very simplified and boring, and those are stories that quickly pass out of my mind. There are also, of course, many other aspects in a book that can affect my opinion of it. For example, an author's use of description is often very important -- I prefer when an author puts at least some effort into describing a story's setting and such, but I find it extremely difficult to enjoy a book in which the descriptions become nothing but purple prose. Also, I find that my favorite books have a decent amount of action; however, too much action can also be a turn-off for me, for too much pointless action can take away from such things as plot build-up, characterization, etc. Best wishes!

Maryvonne Maryvonne
1. Mosquito Coast 2. Little Men 3. Jo's Boys 4. The Awakening 5. The Island (A South African work written by Athol Fugard) 6. Doctor Zhivago 7. The Crucible 8. Mansfield Park 9. Northanger Abbey 10. Tar Baby
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Lareyna Lareyna
House of Night- P.C. cast + Kristin cast The Pendragon Adventures- D.J. MacHale The Mediator Series- Meg Cabot Jinx- Meg Cabot The Vampire academy- Richelle Mead Ever- Gail Carson Levine Avalon High- Meg Cabot I'd tell u i love u but then id have to kill u- Ally Carter
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Jerry Jerry
you should definitely read the eragon series. there are 3 so far, they will add more later. sarah dessen is one of my favorites, also. um! There is also "lush" and "perfect" i dont remember the author. my favorite is ellen hopkins, but shes into the hardcore drugs and things of that nature as far as writing goes. id also read inkheart. hopefully you havent seen the movie yet because the series is awesome. there are tons more out there. hopefully you like these so far. good luck!
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Flore Flore
There is this really great book called The Corner of the Universe. Its sad but its really great! Google it and read the reviews see how that works for you. Another one is Orange Blossom Special and it's a really good book if you like the type of book that takes time to read. Sometimes you cant put down a book and some people like that but some people don't. Corner of the universe is one that you cant put down but Orange Blossom Special is not that way. Good luck!
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Flore Originally Answered: Book idea. feedback needed! would you feel weird reading this book or does it soud good??
I would totally read that! And though I'm a but confused by the 7 deadly sins part it sounds interesting, I would say keep it. And no it doesn't sound too morbid at all.

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