Should I get a 2nd bachelor's degree in Fine Arts?

Should I get a 2nd bachelor's degree in Fine Arts? Topic: The case studio deals
July 18, 2019 / By Roslyn
Question: I am graduating in May with a BA in History. I am a few classes away from receiving a 2nd Bachelor's in Fine Arts (BFA). Should I stay an extra semester and receive the BFA or just graduate?
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Nadia Nadia | 4 days ago
One semester for a second degree - stay the semester. It's really close to a 'buy one, get one free' deal so you may as well take it. Some people are going to explain to you that neither of those degrees are "practical" and won't help you find a good job, and lalalalala. They may or may not be right. Fact is though that you're not asking about it 4-5 years ago, it's a pretty close to done deal. At best it will offer you an additional area of qualification in the job search. At worse you are able to say "I have two bachelor's degrees" which is sort of a fun thing to be able to say [coming from someone that also has two bachelor's degrees]. add: "not anything employers want..." unless you happen to be applying for a job as an artist or to grad school in studio art or for a teaching job in art... - in which case they insist upon it.
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Medical schools admit people with all kinds of majors, not just those in the biological sciences and not just those in the sciences overall. Your major emphasis should be on mastering your premed coursework; your major should be one that you have an affinity for and enjoy.

Loren Loren
An associate of arts is a 2 year degree that is meant to transfer to a bachelor's program in which you would attend another 2 years. A bachelor's is generally the more desirable degree as far as employability goes. In other words: It looks better on a resume and you usually make more money. As far as interior design goes, you would more than likely have to get a bachelor's degree anyways. If you wanted to go to school for the AA degree first, I would recommend Human Environmental Science or just a general Art degree, but be sure to check with the bachelor's degree program director to ensure these credits will transfer.
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Kate Kate
You'll probably be unemployed with a BA for several months, so it's a what-the-heck deal — you might as well finish the Fine Arts degree if it's not too expensive. It's difficult to see how a BFA will help your job search. Possibly High Schools will appreciate the possibility of a dual-duty History-Art instructor. Many employers consider BFA grads to be frivolous airheads who will doodle on company time.
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Heather Heather
A second bachelors as a BFA will not make you any more employable. A history degree will not get you a job related to the degree and the BFA is a personal enrichment thing, not anything employers want.
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